Pur Minerals Hydrate & Balance Primer – A Review


Since I had such great success with the Pur Minerals Redness Reducer primer I wanted to try more primers from them. The next one I had been eyeing was the Hydrate and Balance primer. A personal skin challenge that I have is irritability and dryness resulting in late day oil. I don’t have oily skin so when I use products that are intended for oily skin they tend to dry me out. What I need to do is hydrate my skin and not make it angry at me! Sometimes oil based products can be too much. This primer is nice because it’s oil free and silicone free yet hydrating!


The Pur Minerals Hydrate & Balance primer makes some serious claims.

  • Calms, clarifies and mattifies problem skin
  • Instant hydration that lasts up to 72 hours
  • Oil-free, silicone-free formula

The last one is a given from their ingredients list but the first two… I’ve had many products promise to mattify my problem skin. And how does one measure hydrated skin for up to 72 hours? Despite being a teeny bit skeptical I started out by testing the primer with my various mineral foundations. For those of you who don’t know, mineral foundation has a tendency to be a little bit drying. It can be a problem for me since drying out my skin results in late day oil… I love mineral foundation though because it’s breathable and doesn’t irritate my skin. I often try to solve the late day oil with blotting, setting powder (touch ups), and setting spray. I paired my Pur Minerals 4 in 1 foundation with this primer and also tried it out with Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Foundation. I noticed a slight improvement in my late day oil issues but it wasn’t solved. It was slightly more improved with the Tarte foundation than the Pur minerals one.

The next thing that I tried it with was my Physicians Formula BB cream. The BB Cream has a satin finish and a tendency to only last about half a day. When I started using it with the Hydrate and Balance primer I noticed that I could get a full day of work out of the BB Cream. I feel that I can conclusively say that I noticed a difference in the length of wear of my BB Cream while using this primer which is great! I also noticed that I did not get oily. At all. Not one bit throughout the day. The combination of the hydrating BB cream and the hydrating primer is magic for my skin. It just loves it and so do I!

In my experience with it so far it’s best to apply the primer and let it fully absorb. Almost like a moisturizer. Then go ahead and apply your foundation. It feels moist and cool on your skin. The consitency is that of a moisturizer as well. A clear, blue moisturizer…

Weird liquidy blue goodness. My skin loves you!

So after a few weeks of testing in a few different ways I feel that I can honestly say that the Pur Minerals Hydrate and Balance primer lives up to it’s claims. Well… I can’t prove the 72 hour thing but my skin feels good and that’s what matters!



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