Lise Watier Clearance Haul #2 – Nat


You are probably wondering where is haul #1? why this is #2? I will post #1 next week 🙂 Why? because this haul was the most recent and I had a chance to try out these more than the items from the #1 haul.

When I saw Lise Watier’s Instagram post that they were having another clearance haul I had to get things! There was another clearance not long ago and of course, I did jump on that too (it will be haul #1 coming next week). What I like is that the prices are ACTUALLY a sale. More cosmetic companies need to do this.

They also sent me additional items with my order but I decided not to add them to this post since I haven’t used the ones I am keeping and some I am giving away.

On with the haul and reviews!

The first two items are eyeshadow palettes. If you have seen Sheena’s haul this Monday, you saw that she also got the Quatuor Féline Eyeshadow Quartet.


Quatuor Féline Eyeshadow Quartet.

Sale price – $9.00 Actual price – $45.00

What can I say? I love this palette. The colours are gorgeous, they swatch and blend extremely well and they are extremely buttery. For $9, this is steal. I do not care that they are from old collections, good makeup is good makeup. The palette is nice and compact, very beautiful with the gold and feline pattern and it has a magnetic closure. I came out on top with this one. 🙂

borrowed Sheena’s picture to show you the top of the palette
Quatuor Féline

Another palette I got is the Summer Sunset Eyeshadow Palette in Tropical.

Sale price – $9.00 Actual price – $38

This one I am less a fan of. The packaging is my first problem with this; it is bulky and cheap. The rim of the packaging came off after one time of opening this. I also don’t like the division of the shadows. Being narrow and all stuck together, it makes it harder for a fluffy  brush to get in there. Some of the colours are nice and pigmented (like that reddish colour) but they are not as good quality as the Quatuor Féline ones. I am glad that I only paid $9 for it. What I will probably do, I is depot it and put it in a Z palette.

Palette Summer Sunset in Tropical
Yup, this happened… packaging coming apart and bulky.

From the Spring 2013 Collection, I got a quad, a lip gloss and a blush. First off, can we take a few seconds and admire the packaging. SO nice. girly, springy and nice quality.

blog-17 blog-18

Pink Power Blush

Sale price – $16.00 Actual price – $30.00

This is super pretty! flowers and a nice pink colour. However, the white flowers are just a spray-on overlay that is quite sparkly. Not being a fan of too much sparkle or glitter in my blush, I wish they didn’t have an overlay. It looks gorgeous but not very practical. This blush for me on first impression was just ok. Not the best blush I ever tried but decent.

Pink Powder Blush – The shimmery is from the overlay

Quatuor Pastel Power Eyeshadow Quartet

Sale price – $9.00 Actual price – $36.00

These earthy, pastel shades are very light and perfect for creating a romantic daytime look. I love this little quad, unlike anything I own. and that pink colour is soooo gorgeous.

Power Kiss Gloss 

Sale price – $6.00 Actual price – $21.00

Other than looking good over any lipstick, this gloss smells bad, sticky, not offers no pigment. For what it offers, I am happy to use another gloss from my collection that doesn’t have all the down sides of this gloss. am hoping I just got an old bad one…

Here is the next batch of items.

India Blush Brush

Sale price – $9.00 Actual price – $20.00

The blush brush is nice and soft, and PURPLE and gold. LOVE it. So far, I use it more for a soft contour or bronzing  but I still enjoy it very much.


 Blush Crème Satin in Rose Eden

Sale price – $9.00 Actual price – $24.00

It may look like your typical pink cream blush, but it is so much more. The formula is so soft, it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, nor does it pull when blending. It pretty much feels weightless, and it can be easily built up for more intensity. I generally use small elf stippled brush one or two layers.

Hydra Kiss Colour Balm in Coral Paradise

Sale price – $9.00 Actual price – $22.00

For a hydrating lip balm, this jumbo pencil sure packs a lot of pigmentation! It’s almost like wearing a hydrating lipstick. The shine is perfect and the texture is smooth- not sticky. I’ve been obsessed with these tinted, jumbo lip balms that have been popping up everywhere and this formula is one to check out for sure.

My favorite part about this product is the fact it has a twist-up tip, so no sharpening is required. Lips feel super hydrated, even long after it has worn off.

Plumpissimo Le gloss in Berry Frost and Corail

Sale price – $9.00 Full price – $23

This is my biggest flop of the haul. The Corail colour is pigmented while the Berry Frost swatches clear. Not only is the inconsistency of the colours different but the feel on the lips is very wet… your lips feel slippery, not in a good way. It smells citrus-y but the taste is horrible.  I had to wipe it off very quickly. Not a fan.

Top: Corail, Bottom: Berry Frost

Waterproof Eyeliner in Vert Fumé 664

Sale price – $4.00 Full price – $22.00

Love this green, it is creamy and stays in my waterline totally worth it, especially for the price I paid 🙂 For $4, you cannot beat it.

The green in person looks less turquoise and more smoked green, it’s a great colour

All in all, I was happy with this haul. I am happy to own these products, especially since they are from a Canadian brand. It was a great way to explore this brand that I only owned a blush I got from Wantable. I can safely say that I do not like their lipglosses but I love their lip crayons! I got awesome product, with packaging that is high quality and super cute and high value for my money. $281 value for $98.


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