Lise Watier Clearance Sale Haul!


Lise Watier had a clearance sale online and I could not resist! Here’s a round up of my goodies and a few first impressions 🙂

QUATUOR FÉLINE Eyeshadow Quartet

Sale price – $9.00 Actual price – $45.00

First impressions: I’ve used this palette twice so far. Amazing shadows! They have really impressed me. They blend beautifully, the colours coordinate perfectly and the compact is small and portable 🙂 This could be a great travel choice for me. I think I can do a dramatic smokey eye or a simple day look with this quad.

Love the packaging!
I’m just in love with these shades!! ❤
The swatches are stunning. Just gorgeous.


Sale price – $16.00 Full price – $40

First Impressions: To say “first impressions” for this blush is a little inaccurate… I’ve been using it daily for about 2 weeks now and it’s already on my April favourites! At first the brush doesn’t appear to pick up much then – BOOM! Your cheeks are flushed! The shade is a really classy universal rose shade as well. The blush blends out easily and honestly, it just works for me.

Beautiful sunset packaging 🙂
I initially was intrigued by the really interesting mosaic pattern.
Swatchy swatchy!

CRAYON JUMBO Long-Lasting Waterproof Eye Light Shadow

Sale price – $4 Full Price – about $20

First impressions: Since this was cheap, I thought why not? When I looked at it I thought it could be used as a nice highlight. I haven’t worn it yet but I did try applying beneath the brow as a highlight before I popped in the shower and it seems to work well. It blended nicely, looks stunning and since it’s a pencil it was easy to apply. I just smudged it out after with my finger. I can see myself using it often assuming the shadow stays put 🙂

Eye shadow pencil… nothing fancy here!
The colour is quite light!
And shiny!

GLAMOUR ROSE Eyeshadow Luxurious Satin Finish – Violet

Sale price – $4.00 Full price – their singles are $19 but I think this one was more like $23 full price. 

First Impressions: I have only swatched this one. It swatches a little more sheer than it appears in the pan. I’m ok with that. I think it looks gorgeous. I love the colour and I love the packaging!

Lovely rose packaging 🙂
Intense purple in the pan. Lots of shine!
A sheer swatch. Not too bad for my tastes. I think I can work with this. I ever tested to see if I could build it up.


Sale price – $9.00 Full price – $23

First impressions: I think this might be the only bust for me in the whole haul. The plumping affect was minimal. It had a barely there tingling sensation. It smells like citrus (I like that). The colour is more sheer than I was hoping for. It’s pretty much a standard lip gloss in my opinion. I will definitely get use out of it but I’m happy I didn’t pay more than $9 for it.

Standard packaging. Looks nice in the container.
Swatches sheer.
Overall I am so so soooo happy with my little haul from Lise Watier. I saved a ton of money! They shipped it out within 3 days of purchase and since I don’t live far from Montreal it only took another 2 days in the mail. I was very satisfied with the ordering process with 1 exception, their website was slow as molasses during the event due to high volume traffic. Good for them I suppose, bad for me. I am most excited about the quad. What a deal!!?? It really is lovely. I’m also extremely satisfied with the quality of everything. I feel that since I took advantage of such a great sale I was able to buy a selection of products from Lise Watier and get to know them a little better. In the past I have tried their primer, shadow singles and a few other little things but I had no major stand outs. This haul has a few standouts for me and now I’m excited to buy more by Lise Watier!!
One general comment I wanted to make about Lise Watier is that I really enjoy their packaging. Lise Watier is a premium brand and as such I expect that when I buy a premium makeup product that it should feel substantial, luxurious and trendy by just looking at it and holding it in your hand. Nothing is more frustrating than spending $45 on premium eyeshadow and the packaging is flimsy cardboard. I’m paying a lot of money! Make me feel GOOD about owning your products. Make an emotional connection with me! And in this respect – I think Lise Watier does something very nice. Their products visually stand out to me. They may not be your taste but you have to admit the packaging has had some thought put in to it!


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