Marcelle Lippies!!

Today’s post features more Marcelle products, but these are from the lippy variety!! I will be reviewing the Rouge Xpression Cream lipsticks, the Lux Gloss lipgloss and the Waterproof Lip Definition lip liners.

The first thing that I thought when I swatched these was Holy pigmentation Batman! These are one-swippers lol aaaaand now I am inventing words (I think it was a long week! as I write this on Friday night…) I was happy with the pigmentation and how opaque it was upon first application. There, that made more sense hehehe. I was impressed espacially with the shade Mauve Avant-Guarde as I haven’t often been able to find that mauve-y brown quite like this at the drug store. The lipsticks have a satin finish but I can’t say they are super long lasting. I would qualify them the same as any other drugstore lipstick in that regard.

My only complain about these is the packaging. The only reason is that it feels cheaper than I expected, especially when you can easily tell that they are make cheaper than their drug store competitors. Otherwise, they are great.


As far as these super cute Lux Gloss lipglosses go, they are pretty sheer. I think they would work over top a matte lipstick or just for a shine on the lips without wanting a big amount of colour. They apply great and feel a little more watery and not sticky at all. They also have no smell, no minty effect, etc. This is why I think they would work great over a lipstick or lip pencil.


The last item is the lip liners. The colours I have are Nude and Spice. There isn’t much to say than they are great colours, glides on very creamy, and last a long time. They often remain on my lips why my lipstick fades, which makes it easy for reapplication 🙂 .


Nude (top), Spice (bottom)


I hope you enjoyed this quicky! (hehe)


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