The $10 Weekly – *New* from Wet’n’Wild!!


Hold the phone!!! New wet’n’wild palettes!!! I saw them on youtube but I hadn’t seen a display of them… until now! I immediately grabbed 2; “Vinyl Collection” and “Thrift Store Chic.” I don’t know about you but for me, finding the limited edition eye shadow palettes that Wet’n’Wild does is tough. I learned the hard way that if you find a display BUY THEM IMMEDIATELY BECAUSE THAT’S WHY I HAVE A CREDIT CARD! And so purchase them on credit, I did. Was it worth it?

Well first off they are $4.99 each. They contain 6 shadows, a little sponge applicator and a little brush. The packaging is no frills typical Wet’n’Wild and the product inside is quite typical Wet’n’Wild too! The shadows themselves are buttery, pigmented and overall just gorgeous! There is a few exceptions. These palettes contain some glittery shades which have a grittier texture than normal. In my experience shadows that contain glitter tend to have that sort of texture so I’m not knocking Wet’n’Wild for it. They still all swatch beautifully. I did manage to do a look and wear it out once using the Vinyl Collection palette and I have to admit that the performance on the lid isn’t as good as my Walking on Eggshells trio. For $4.99 I think it’s livable but still, I was a little let down.

Swatch time!!

A close up of Vinyl Collection.
Swatches of Vinyl Collection.
Swatches of Vinyl Collection.
A close up of Thrift Store Chic.
Swatches of Thrift Store Chic.
Swatches of Thrift Store Chic.

I think between the two I prefer Vinyl Collection. That’s just me. The pinks in Thrift Store Chic are quite stunning and I’m looking forward to playing with them further! There are 3 other palettes that I didn’t purchase. They contain gorgeous, bold colours! If you dig Wet’n’Wild hurry up and track these down because my first impression of them is that they are worth the $5.



5 thoughts on “The $10 Weekly – *New* from Wet’n’Wild!!

  1. I hear ya, finding WnW in my area is hard. Last fall I searched for their Smoke and Melrose palette. Both in store and online. A no go and very frustrating. Glad you found these to add to your collection.


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