Pur Minerals Secret Crush Eyeshadow Palette – A Review


I saved my pennies and bought myself a treat; the Secret Crush Palette from Pur Minerals for $32 plus tax. II managed to catch a sale and get an additional 20% and I picked up a few other things while I was on their website 🙂 It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Pur Minerals makeup. Many of my faves come from them. I love their flagship 4 in 1 foundation and also the more recent palette “Soul Mattes.” Ordering my Secret Crush palette turned in to a long, painful wait since it was on back order! Eventually I received it and my life was whole again. After playing with it for a few weeks I feel like I really got to know it and I have lots to talk about! LOTS!!


The packaging is similar to the Soul Mattes palette. It has a metal case, opens up with a mirror and contains 8 shadows inside. It also includes and identical brush as the Soul Mattes palette which I think is good because I’ve grown to like it. The down side to the packaging is that unlike the Soul Mattes palette there is no place that lists the names of the shadows. The actual box that the palette comes in names the shadows but the palette does not.

A view of the colour selection. From top to bottom the colours are: Whisper, Lust, Passion, Muse, Admirer, Infatuation, Rendezvous and Rumor.

The Secret Crush palette has 8 shadows of rose gold theme. It has 3 matte shades, 4 metallic/satin shades and 1 shade that contains sparkles.

The quality of the eye shadow is fantastic. I find them to be of a silky texture. They are smooth and very workable. I was surprised that I quite enjoyed the shade “Whisper” as a highlight because it’s a matte cream with some sparkles in it. I thought that I wouldn’t like the sparkles but it ended up working as a lovely, subtle highlight that just had a kiss of something extra. They wore all day no problem. I used an Urban Decay Primer with them. Blending them was easy. Building up pigmentation was super easy! Overall I think the quality is there for the price tag of $32.

The light colours are hard to see because they match my skin tone. To me, they look great!

The only drawback to the palette that I found was that most of the shades were mid toned. The two contrasting shades are the brown and black shade – which are both matte. This is fine but it does limit your look a little. If all you are using is this palette then you will likely only get a couple distinct looks out of it. But hey! Not everything can be as versatile as the twice as expensive Urban Decay Naked palettes! I still think for a $32 eye shadow palette the quality is there and the shades are beautiful. I’m happy with my purchase.

Just for fun I did play around with the Secret Crush palette and I chose to deepen my look with the deep wine colour in the Soul Mattes palette. It look really nice! I think if you already own the Soul Mattes palette then the Secret Crush palette will make a great partner to it.

There’s a ton of potential between these two palettes!

When I was researching the Secret Crush palette, I saw some people make some comparisons between it and the Urban Decay Naked 2. Since I own both palettes I pulled them out and compared them side by side. In my opinion, there is some potential similarities but by no means any dupes.

Urban Decay Naked 2 vs Secret Crush. What do you think? Are they similar?

When I play with the Secret Crush palette it actually makes me think of a different palette. A palette that is much harder to get in Canada. The Lorac Unzipped! Now I’m not saying dupe. Both palettes have some unique shades and Lorac Unzipped has 10 colours not 8 which means it has a few much needed contrast shades that the Secret Crush does not. Still the rose gold theme exists in both palettes and a few colours are close to each other.

Lorac Unzipped vs Secret Crush. Thoughts?
Swatched together!
I found these colours to be similar but not an exact dupe. This is Passion from Secret Crush and then Unbelievable from Lorac Pro Unzipped.

Again, I’m not calling dupe are anything. What I am saying is that they have some common shades and similarities so if you were coveting the Lorac Pro Unzipped but can’t get your hands on it – check out the Secret Crush Palette. It might be able to hold you over until your next trip to the US.

To quickly wrap things up here… I like the quality of the shadows, the packaging is great with the exception of not naming the shadows, and the colour scheme is good but lacks a few extra contrast shades. I have found that the Secret Crush palette does play nicely with others and even makes a nice pair with the Soul Mattes palette by Pur Minerals. I am happy with my purchase and I think that for $32, this a great buy!





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