Yummy Mummy Pick: Benefit Hello Flawless

Okay first thing: this whole being a mom business is tough work and it really makes you appreciate the stuff that works … and that you can apply one handed … while you have 2.5 mins to get ready … and your infant refuses to be put down …

I have been BEYOND loving this product aaaaaaaand it hasSPF 15! So on those days that I have (all those who don’t have children including my former self will gasp) time to put on my face lotion, sunscreen, or even a primer the Benefit Hello Flawless powder is my go-to solution for all over subtle foundation and maximum coverage.

hello flawless

Pre-baby, I would use this foundation powder to set my liquid foundation and concealer and ensure that everything on my face was one beautiful mask of porcelain. Then I would start contouring etc. And don’t get me wrong I STILL use it for that (and I recommend that you use it for that too) but then I had my adorable daughter who’s not always concerned that mum (that’s me!) wants to look nice and have people stare at the baby and not at her dark circles and blemishes.

It was on one of my daughter’s clingy days that I deftly made myself presentable to the outside world with the Hello Flawless powder with one hand! The compact is sturdy yet can be opened with a well positioned thumb. It fits in the palm of your hand, but also won’t tip over if you place it precariously on a counter. The brush that it comes with is amazing and evenly distributes the powder for a lovely finish that isn’t overpowering (very similar to the look you’d get with a big brush and loose powder.) The formula is very buildable so you can use the sponge provided or your fingers to layer the foundation to cover up any blemishes. Aaaaaand it has SPF 15 so my skin is protected and perfect in a minute (leaving me with a creative 1.5 minutes to find and put on tinted lip gloss, mascara, and an outfit)

It retails at Sephora for $42.oo so it’s not exactly cheap but DAMN it works sooooooo well right down to the last speck of powder.

If you’re someone who’s always in a rush and juggling things then I highly recommend this powder to you!



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