Sheena’s March 2015 Favourites


Me with wavy, short hair from Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray and my new Wet’n’Wild mascara.

This months beauty faves from me are kind of a mixed bag. I made some changes to my hair which allowed me to try some new products. I also recently went on a business trip to Italy and was able to do a little shopping while there! So without further ado, let’s get to it!


Wet’n’Wild Waterproof Mascara

This mascara has taken me by surprise. It’s a no frills, long lasting waterproof mascara that lasts all day for me! It doesn’t smudge. This is amazing to me because even waterproof mascara can break down and smudge on me. I do wish that it provided a little bit of a fuller look but it absolutely does the job and looks very nice with my usual minimal makeup routine. I’d recommend this over my previous favourite from Almay as a no makeup makeup mascara. (That was a weird sentence!)



Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray

I cut my hair short. It was long, now it’s not! I’m going for an easy to maintain hairstyle. Since my hair is a little on the wavy side it reacts very well to beach sprays! Even when it was long I enjoyed getting out of the shower, spritzing on a little beach spray and then out the door. When I cut my hair I decided to try the beach spray out again and I’m really enjoying it. This one by Marc Anthony is my favourite so far but in all honesty I haven’t tried many.



Nexxus Finishing Mist Comb Thru Touchable Hold

The other addition I made to my hair styling routine was this Nexxus Finishing Mist, Comb Thru Touchable Hold. I wanted a spray to add a little texture to my hair when I blow dry it. I love the look of my shorter hair when I dry it in the morning and give a little spray of this. It helps with the winter static and keeping my hair where it should be without making it greasy or weighing it down.


Burberry Eyeshadow single in “Shell”

I picked up this obnoxiously expensive eyeshadow single while in Europe as a treat for myself. I rarely buy things this expensive. I wanted something that felt like a luxurious treat for myself and that wasn’t so easy to get in Canada. I heard great things about these Burberry shadows so I scored one while I was travelling. I was hoping for the nude shade but they were sold out. I got “Shell” instead and it has quickly become one of my all time favourite highlights! I can use it on my eyes or cheeks. It’s beautiful and really catches the light!


Kiko Generation Next Bronzer

While in Italy I found the brand Kiko. They are from Milan and are pretty common throughout Europe. I believe that they only have 6 or so stores in the US and none in Canada. Kiko is an inexpensive “professional” makeup line. They are sold in Kiko stores. I’m not sure if Kiko is available in drugstores or other retailers in Europe or just Kiko Stores. Anyway, I went to when of their locations and was really blown away. Their eyeshadows are sold in singles for you to build your own palettes. I picked up a few and am happy with the quality – especially for the price. My favourite item that I picked up from them is without a doubt this bronzer. It has a satin-matte finish. It’s cool in tone. You can contour with it if you like or swirl it all together and bronze with it. I use it every day now.

And that’s that! I also have been using my Pur Minerals Redness Reducer primer religiously but since I already wrote a review on it I didn’t include it above. If you’re curious the review is here.



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