Missy’s March Favorites!

Hello all! It’s March which means spring is around the corner and the weather is insanely unpredictable. Seriously, it’s like Mother Nature has PMS for a month and can’t decide whether she wants to snow us in or flood us with a melt down – so she does both! During this trying month I’ve done some comfort spending and I’m excited to talk about some new products and some old faves.

New Faves:

BITE’s Butter Cream Lipstick in Rosewood:




What can I say? Nat has me loving the Bite beauty brand. I’m not much of a lipstick girl (as I’ve lamented before I have insanely dry lips) but this lipstick had me intrigued. It’s infused with five nourishing, aromatic butters, including lavender, shea, almond, pomegranate, and chamomile so it’s the best lipstick/lip balm cross breed I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried a BUNCH!). The fact that this line is all in neutral colours makes it super hard to choose which one to buy. I settled on Rosewood a deliciously neutral plum pink. It’s gorgeous in the packaging and on! The one thing I’m not a big fan of is the flat shape – don’t get me wrong, it’s cute, it’s just makes application to the cupid bow a bit more difficult without a brush (or q-tip in a pinch). Overall I very much appreciated this treat and I love even just wearing it around the house when I need a quick and easy beauty boost.


Tarte Park Avenue Princess Contour Palette

park avenue princess

I was able to pick up this beauty on sale in the new year and I have to say it’s a pretty palette for spring. I love how all the colors work together and the formula is divine. This is my first foray into Tarte complexion products and I have to say that I’m impressed with it’s long lasting sublime finish. Now I just need to find the time to improve my contouring skills! (And the weather needs to smarten up so I can walk down an avenue like a princess without slipping on ice!)







Old Faves:

Benefit Cosmetics Instant Brow Pencil:


This is a great pencil for fabulous natural-looking brows. I’ve used all sorts of brow products over the years such as gel, pencil, powder and every combo that’s been imagined but my search ended once I got a hold of this beauty. This waxy pencil glides on easily, keeps any unruly hairs in place and then, the best part is that it leaves a natural powder-like finish! The other great thing is that the pencil comes accompanied by a special blending spoolie so it’s two items in one! I love love love this product and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to talk about it.



Ciate Nail Polish:

This nail polish lasts! Here’s a pic of this amazing peacock colour called ‘Superficial’ and it’s lasted over a week! Here’s a pic!

Ciate nail polish after one week of wear and tear!
Ciate nail polish after one week of wear and tear!

It’s sustained a quick application and a week of taking care of a house and an infant. It doesn’t have alot of the crap that other nail polishes have so I don’t feel bad wearing it around my little one.






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