Marcelle CC Cream – A Review

The 3rd item from my Marcelle haul up for review is the Marcelle CC Cream.

I was debating getting this, and oh boy am I glad I did. I originally got Light to Medium but it was too dark and I miracously found a Fair one on sale at the Target closing clearance, so happy! What a gem this cream is. I am extremely happy to have found it. I have been searching for something that I can use both as a primer but also stand alone with some coverage to even out my skin tone. I have found it!

Pure 24K gold has been infused into Marcelle’s Complete Correction Cream to diminish the appearance of dark spots and skin tone imperfections that can be caused by sun exposureor the aging of skin. The formula’s lightweight consistency and ingredients provide full coverage and leaves your skin feeling smoother, firmer and highly moisturized. Radiance is boosted to give your complexion a perfect glow! With SPF 35.

The Facts: You get 1.1oz (or 30ml) of product for $29.95 CAD but currently on the site (March 15), it is on sale for $19.95. Well worth the money for the pay off of this product. If this was Yay or Nay Sunday, it would get a big old YAY.

The CC Cream is 100% Hypo-Allergenic and perfume free, paraben free, oil free, dermatologist tested on sensitive skin and non-comedogenic.

Marcelle lists 12 in 1 Multi-Benefits does it all for your skin on the box:

  1. Corrects and helps prevent the appearance of dark spots and imperfections
  2. Offers complete coverage
  3. Evens out skin tone and texture
  4. Controls shine
  5. Provides anti-dull radiant complexion
  6. Allows long-wear hold for lasting perfection
  7. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  8. Reverses the signs of aging
  9. Favours and improves skin elasticity
  10. Protects skin from environmental stressors
  11. Offers immediate and intense hydrating benefits
  12. Soothes and calms dry/damaged skin

Well, where do I start? I just love love love this cream.

The Application: I expected it to be thin and not much coverage, but I was wrong. It is a very nice consistency and offers medium to full coverage. I use a beauty blender to apply the cream and it gives a nice natural application and look. Good alone or as a primer, which is what I have been searching for. When I get ready in the morning to go to the office, I don’t need or want a full face of makeup, but I still want to even out my skin tone.

The other thing I noticed is that it does not catch on my dry skin, which is important for me cause it is a common problem. It makes my skin look healthy and alive with this CC Cream and I don’t look or feel dry (BIG plus).

The Nitty Gritty:  The C.C. cream Would be perfect in the summer since it doesn’t feel or look thick and it has SPF 35. It is always important to have sun protection, so if your moisturizer doesn’t have any, this is a good option.

I love using the Marcelle Quad Pressed Powder over top; when I use my Kat Von D Lock-It Powder Foundation, I like to use the Hourglass Ambiant Lighting powder in Dim light to give a healthy glow to my skin, makes it look alive. With this CC Cream, I don’t need to use that expensive powder, I simply apply the Marcelle Powder and it locks everything in place and takes away any shine left but not the healthy glow.

All in all I love this cream and it is quickly becoming holy grail status.


One thought on “Marcelle CC Cream – A Review

  1. This looks great on you. I’m very intrigued by this product for MANY reasons that you stated. Looks so natural, I would definitely try it as a stand alone. No Oil or parabens, no clinging to dry areas and SPF 35….Yay!!! It would be wicked for the summer for sure. Awesome post.


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