The $10 Weekly – Great Brushes Under $10!


A lot of people feel that if you don’t have good brushes you are wasting your money on makeup. There might be some truth to that, a bad brush can’t blend even the best makeup very well and it might even irritate your skin! Fortunately it’s been my experience that you don’t need to spend $20 or more per brush, there are plenty of great options under $10! Here is a quick rundown of my current favourite brushes that I regularly use that are less than $10.


Real Techniques Setting Brush – $7.99,

I use this to set my concealer. It’s the best brush that I have found to do the job! And I love the price tag 🙂



Real Techniques Blush Brush – $9.99,

Nat and I both agree that this is one of the best blush brushes on the market. It’s soft and manages to place the blush where it should go!



E.L.F. Studio Line – $3.99 each, Loblaws

I have the smudger brush, and the angle blending brush. The smudger brush is great at packing on colour in my opinion. It’s pretty much the universal opinion of most beauty bloggers that the E.L.F. studio line of brushes will get the job done and for less than $4, they are a great buy! Excellent for beginners.



BH Cosmetics Large Tapered Blending Brush – $5.50,

I’ve been playing with using sculpting brushes and this brush is from BH Cosmetics Sculpting brush line. It’s hard to get but worth it. I use it for precise placement of highlighter and contour around the nose if needed.



Flower Ultimate Brushes Eyeshadow Brush – $8.99, Walmart

This brush puzzles many people. It doesn’t look like it knows what it wants to be! I found it useful for rushed, simple, one shadow eye looks. It gets pigment all over the lid and then I can fluff it out so it doesn’t look so harsh without switching brushes. It also does a pretty good job of packing on colour on the lid. I find it to be a handy brush for my 5 minute face makeup routine.

Essence Retractable Kabuki – $3.99, Shoppers Drugmart

I scored this little guy in a whim. I didn’t think much of it. It has the same texture of Ecotools brushes but it smaller. It fits perfectly in to my Tarte Amazonian Clay Loose Powder and blends it out really well! It’s so easy to travel with too.

Great brands to look for in value sets: If you’re in the market for brushes but are on a budget check out value kits from Ecotools, Realtechniques, or BH Cosmetics. For the most part you will pay less than $3 a brush and the kits range from just over $10 to around $30.



6 thoughts on “The $10 Weekly – Great Brushes Under $10!

  1. QUO brushes are amazing. The professional line is even better. But expensive of course. Shoppers regularly has 40% off sales on these, and it’s soooo worth to go grab some then! With their sales, I have replaced almost all my brushes now and couldn’t be happier with the quality of these! Though, I also have a few from Sonia Kaschuk (not inexpensive though, and no longer available here now that Target’s kicked the bucket). I think RT and ELF have great brushes too though!!


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