Going from Long to Short! 5 things to do before going under the scissors!


I went from 5 inches below the shoulders to an angled bob that at its longest point is 2 inches below the chin! I love my new look and I love ditching the lustrous locks every few years. I think it’s nice to reset my hair and cut out all the old damage, dye and whatever else I’ve done to myself. Anyway, after doing it I had to quickly run around and get new hair supplies because I did it rather impulsively! Not thinking things through is my middle name… After it was all said and done I thought I’d write a little post about what I should have considered before I got my hair cut off, so here we are! 

1. Bring lots and lots of pictures to your appointment!

I felt like a big dork because I pinned a board of basically the same cut just to show my hair stylist. She was actually really happy that I did since we could go over the pictures, she could point out the subtle differences between them and help me adapt the look to my own hair type and face shape. She told me that sometimes people are too embarrassed to bring photos but it really helps her do her job. So don’t be shy, go to town on pinterest and provide your hair stylist with an image that is the look you’re going for!

**Tip – have some variations in case your hair type won’t quite work – your stylist can recommend the best variation for your hair. Even bring some pics of what you DON’T WANT!

2. Re-assess your hair styling products.

My hair was about 5 inches below my shoulders before I cut it. My most frequent do? Some sort of bun variation. That meant that I had hairspray intended for hold, not flexibility. Since my new style will be worn down and loose I wanted a more giving hair spray so I picked up the Nexxus Comb Thru hair spray and ditched my Pantene Mega Hold hair spray.  Before I got my hair cut I had to do a quick inventory of my hair styling products and see what should be updated. It added to the cost of the change but it’s worth it. It can make the difference between liking your new hairstyle and not!

3. Do you have the right tools?

Building off of the last point, I had to do the exact same thing for my hair styling tools! I quickly discovered that I needed a smaller brush to dry my hair with. That big round brush for doing blow drys on long locks doesn’t cut it for my short bob. Since I used to wear my hair up almost daily I had lots of elastics, hair donuts, bobby pins and so on. Some of those things are still useful but I won’t be tying my hair back anytime soon so I had to go buy clips for my hair to push it back off of my face when I need to. My suggestion – don’t overlook your hair styling tools and assume what works for long hair works for short hair!

4. Change your shampoo and conditioner.

I also switched my shampoo from a damage repair to a volumizing shampoo. With so much gone from my hair, the damage from previous dye jobs has been cut out! I find my hair too limp so it was really nice to be able to go back to a volumizing shampoo 🙂 When you change the length of your hair, your hair care needs will likely change. When my hair was long I was concerned about damage from being brushed and tangles but now that my hair is short that concern is far less. Don’t get me wrong, my hair gets messy and tangled but not the same way at all and so out with the old shampoo and in with the new!

5. Learn how to style your intended hair prior to getting it cut.

If you’re in the market for a no fuss hair style it’s likely a good idea to see how people actually do their hair who have the same cut that you are interested in. I talked a lot about this to my stylist as well, that way she could keep that in mind as she cut it. I was hoping to go to a less maintenance look. In the past I’ve chopped off my hair in hopes of a low maintenance do and quickly discovered that in order to get the look I was going for it required more effort than I expected. This is the one thing I did before I cut my hair this time and I’m really happy that I did. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is considering making a drastic hair change to watch a few tutorials on how people style their hair in order to determine if that it’s actually for you.

And that’s that! Maybe this post will seem a little obvious but I swear that in the past I never really thought through cutting my hair. I hope this helps out someone out there in the beauty-verse!


PS – hehehe beauty-verse…

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