Yay or Nay Sunday – bareMinerals READY 8.0 Posh Neutrals Palette (Bonus Looks!)

A few weeks ago, I reviewed on Yay or Nay Sunday, The Power Neutrals palette, and today I am bringing you the Posh Neutrals Palette! (I do make a comparison of both palettes below)




This palette is a Yay as well. I must say that the formula is still the same great formula of the READY eyeshadow formula, which I love. There is one shade in this palette, Romance, that however is a little bit chalky. I think it is because of the glitter included in it. It is a dark purple/black with gold glitter, it is very pigmented so even with the chalky-ness it is still very usable (you will see it in the look 2 below to smoke out the look in the outer corner).

My favourite colours of this palette are Sizzle and Waltz since they are the two shades in this palette that are easiest to combine with the others. Which brings me to my reason why I found this palette a little harder to use. If you are a beginner, you may have trouble designing a look with this palette as some colours are pastels and then you have darker ones. You are missing one good darker matte transition shade, so it could be hard to pull a look together if you aren’t use to it. I guess what I am trying to say is that it is not as intuitive as the Power Neutrals. The two shades I mentioned, go well together and with most of the other shades in the palette.




If you are looking for a Spring palette this is a solid choice, especially for the shades Waltz and Caviar & Cake. 

Between the Power Neutrals and this one, it is hard to pick, but here is my assessment.

Posh Neutrals: 

  • This is a unique combination of colours with a nice pop of pastels
  • Great for spring
  • Great to add a little colour to a neutral look
  • Harder to put a look together
  • Would possibly use other shades outside this palette to complete a look
  • Missing a good transition shade

Power Neutrals:

  • Easy to put colours together
  • Very neutral
  • Good brown shades and transition/crease shade
  • Can look a little muddy since the shades are similar
  • Can put looks together from this palette one.

Look 1: soft Spring look

Using Debutante, Sizzle, Valet and a little Romance (lips are Gerard Cosmetics in Buttercup)

Look 2: Smokey Vamp 

Using Waltz, Caviar &C Cake, Valet, Curtsy and Romance (lips are NARS Audacious in Liv)

Look 3: Spring Grey

Using Promise, Caviar & Cake, Valet and Curtsy (lips are Julep Light On Your Lips in Primp)

and yes, new hair cut!!


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