*NEW* Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extending Kit – A Review

2015-02-18 20.19.30

New from Physicians Formula is the Eye Booster Lash Extension Kit. It retails for $19.99 and I picked it up at Shoppers a few weeks back. I was super curious about this product after I saw a review on it from youtuber Tati. In a nutshell – she thought the product was awesome but it irritated her eyes so it didn’t work out for her personally. I have sensitive eyes but I thought why not? Let’s give this crazy thing a spin!

They say “pictures say a thousand words” and with that I will leave you with a series of really awesome photos that I think show the results.


2015-02-21 11.58.55
Hairs in my sink from tapping off the wand as instructed.
2015-02-21 11.56.26
Fibre on my eye lid and under eyes.
2015-02-21 11.56.24
More mess. Finished “eye look.” I don’t see mush of a difference from regular mascara, do you?
2015-02-21 11.56.11
Both of them were that bad!! I tried to clean up one side… it didn’t work!
2015-02-21 11.56.08

I tried to show it in different lights and angles. What I hope you can see clearly is that the fibre in the product got everywhere!! All over my sink and counter. All over my face. Everywhere. I followed the step by step instructions and this is what I got… After I tried to clean myself up a little but I couldn’t get rid of all the fibres without washing my face. So that’s what I did. And then I promptly returned it.

I want to add that you can see what would have been the finished eye look assuming I cleaned up the fibres on my face. I don’t think that it produced a look that was any different from regular mascara. My lashes weren’t bigger, fluffier or more full. The mascara that it came with actually just clumped the fibres to my lashes so my lashes looked thicker and in my mind gave me the spider leg lashes.

In my opinion – don’t bother.


2 thoughts on “*NEW* Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extending Kit – A Review

  1. OMG yikes!! I use Younique, but it does flake a bit too. If you use it as directed, it’s very little (I also only put on one or two coats, to avoid that and spidery lashes). But this PF mascara … wow! That’s terrible 😮 Thanks for the review!


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