Let’s Talk About Swatching! Concealer Edition

Concealer is the first beauty item I’d bring with me if I was ever stranded on a deserted island (and camping supplies obviously … but now I’m getting away from my analogy). I learned in grade 7 that a good concealer can boost your self confidence when you’re talking to people.  Since my middle school self was always wondering if someone was focusing on my zit, under eye circles, weird dark spot, etc. I learned that concealer can make all those faults disappear! However, it’s equally bad if you don’t have the right concealer which means people are looking at you and wondering why you have a blob of weird beige on your face.

Concealers have the double duty of needing to blend in with you skin tone but also correct inflammation and dark spots. Concealers have a tough job and it’s up to you to decide to spend your money on a good one.

Concealers come in many different forms – liquid, solid, and sometimes powder. While I’ve dabbled in all three I prefer solid concealer for my sporadic breakouts and dark circles. If you’re using a good liquid or powder foundation I find liquid and powder concealer, frankly, repetitive and they can be very tough to build up. Liquid concealer is, however ideal if you just have minor dark circles and larger areas of discoloration you wish to conceal. I recomend Clinique Line Smoothig Concealer and Benefit Hello Flawless or Bare Minerals Broad Spectrum Multitaksing Face.

clinique concealer

hello flawlessbareminerals concealerThe colour tone of your concealer is important depending on what you want to do. Under eye circles and scars should be paired with a yellow toned concealer while red pimples and irritated skin should be covered with a green tinged/olive concealer. Keep your skin issues and these covering colours in mind when you buy your concealer.
Choosing your ideal solid concealer is alot like choosing your ideal liquid foundation (you can see that article by clicking here). The only difference is that you want your concealer SLIGHTLY lighter (and I mean slightly) than your skin tone. The idea is that you’re covering up darker blemishes on your face so the lighter concealer will then blend to match your skin (same principle as toning oil paints)
So let’s get to how to choose your concealer by swatching!
1) First find a solid concealer that has the consistency of smooth clay.  When you rub it between your thumb and forefinger it should feel like satin. Smooth, silky, like thick liquid. My favourite is the Nars concealer. It’s ultra light but also ultra opaque. It erases imperfections on my face like pencil from a sheet of paper.

nars concealer 2) Now that you found a concealer with the right consistency look at your thumb and forefinger. Has the concealer neutralized the redness? It should have! If not how many swipes does it take? More than three applications and I say put that concealer back! If it has effectively covered up the redness of your finger pads in three swipes then it’s time to move on to the face test!
3) Find a blemish on your face – be it a pimple, a bruise, a scar, dark circles, or a too rosy area. Can you conceal that area with one application? Or do you have to tediously continue to build up the conealer? If it covers and looks natural – PURCHASE!

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