The $10 Weekly – Special Edition all about Deal DUDS! Part 2 of 2

Welcome back! In case you missed it, this post is part 2 of 2. You can read part 1 here. Last week’s $10 Weekly was all about the duds that I ran in to during my quest for hidden gems at the drugstore for under $10 and this week is a continuation of that post! Once I’m all done, these products will go in the garbage. Sad but true. So here we go, products that I bought on the cheap and it shows!

NYX Clearance Brushes 

IMG_0066 IMG_0069 IMG_0072





Why it’s dead to me? – I grabbed these from a clearance bin in rexall. They ranged in price from $2-$5 each. It’s obvious why… they are bushy, little hairs stick out, they shed, and they aren’t soft at all. I found them to be completely useless. The worst part is, when I saw them in the store they looked nice and soft. They got this way after their first wash! Ugh I was so annoyed. Garbage they go!

NYC double sided lipstick

IMG_0062 IMG_0063 IMG_0064 IMG_0065





Why it’s dead to me? – These could fit in the “what were you expecting?” category. But hear me out!! I watched a youtube video with EmilyNoel83 where she was talking about these lipsticks and she actually thought they were cute! If memory serves they are about $3 each but really you get 2 lipsticks for that price! Sadly I found the quality to be just ‘meh.’ The double sided quality actually ended up turning me off. And well, I just don’t like them ok! They also smell like cheap lipstick (’cause they are!).

Essence Lipstick

IMG_0076 IMG_0077 IMG_0078





Why it’s dead to me? – This smells fruity, sparkles, and is kind of cute. Everything about it is tween. It doesn’t last long and goes on like a gloss not a lipstick. The packaging is cheap and flimsy. As a 32 year old women, I would have a hard time feeling good about pulling that out of my purse and using it. At least the Wet’n’Wild lipsticks (the one’s in a black tube) look like grown up makeup. I tried using this with other lipsticks to add sparkle to my look, or just to moisturize my lips and I found that it had no benefit for either of those uses. I believe this product is about $1.99. It’s best suited for kids IMHO.

Annabelle Lipgloss

IMG_0080 IMG_0081





Why it’s dead to me? – It sparkles, it’s shiny and it’s only lightly pigmented. It’s a gloss! I can put it over my lipstick to add a little something or wear it on it’s own! As a lipgloss it functions. Problem is I grabbed it on sale for $6.99 and there are no special qualities in the gloss to make it last longer, taste good, smell nice, or add any amount of colour to your lip. It’s very comparable to the Essence XXX Lipgloss which at full price is still much cheaper (I think they are $2.99). I found nothing overly bad about this gloss but nothing to make it stand out in a sea of lipglosses that are also cheaper! So for that, I’m sorry Annabelle I love you but this gloss is a dud.

Well that about wraps it up. All this stuff is going to the garbage. I even tried to give some of it away and no one wants it. It’s such a shame and a waste but that’s life! I have a few more honourable mentions below that are also going to the garbage. I hope you all found this helpful. Again, not slagging any of these companies in particular because I actually love these brands I just want to point out my negative experiences so that others may benefit from not wasting their money – even if it’s only $10.



Other honourable mentions: L’Oreal Magic BB cream Redness Reducer (WTF is with this thing??), E.L.F. brushes from the dollar store with the white handles (I think they might be manufacture defects), The FaceShop Rose Cushion Blush (I cant open it!!).


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