Beauty SH*T Your Mom Should’ve Taught You: Lesson #5 Use Bed Head to Create Texture for Casual Up Dos

Who else is a snooze-button addict?

I learned early on that I was one of those people who will sacrifice anything to get those extra 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes (oh gawd now I’m REALLY late!) of shut eye. personal hygiene, breakfast, and whatever else be damned! In order not to become a “smelly mellie” I began to shower and blowdry my hair at night. Only issue is that I usually skip the blow drying step and if you’ve ever done this YOU know that there’s no worst bed head then ‘slept-on-wet-hair’ bed head.
However I discovered a solution! Rolling around on drying hair at night creates massive texture – sometimes as much as back combing (depending on your dreams that night). Reign in this texture and make it work for you by liberally spritzing as texturizer such as Bumble and Bumble Sea Spray or a similar liquid texturizer (do NOT use a powder texturizer … my scalp is still sore trying to get the tangles out from THAT experiment). Comb through or leave as is and then get your much needed shut eye.

bumble bumble
When you wake up the next day greet your bed head with a new knowing look because you now have the texture to create a beautiful causal up do of your dreams. I’m not great at hair tutorials but I do know that all you need to create a clean work appropriate up do is a smooth front and some bobby pins in the back. I like starting my twisting the hair at the nape of my neck up to create a bit of a French twist. Once you have that, have fun pinning the rest of your locks around this twist.



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