The $10 Weekly – Special Edition all about Deal DUDS! Part 1 of 2

Big Ol' Pile of CRAP!
Big Ol’ Pile of CRAP!

I write a lot about drugstore makeup or sometimes even Dollar Store stuff! I often write very excitedly about my latest and greatest steal such as my Essence Stay Matt setting powder ($4.99), Essence Blushes ($2.99), the amazing Wet’n’Wild Trios ($3.99-$4.99) and so on. I can imagine how one could read my rambles and think that I either love everything under the sun or that there is no reason to buy high end beauty products what so ever if all the cheap stuff is truly so awesome!! But the reality is I buy a lot of crap too. Somethings I review and they’re ok but not so great for me but there are other things that are just absolute duds. I decided to throw in the garbage the crap that I can’t even give away but before I do I’m going to pass along this buyer beware! Before I get in to it I want to add a little disclaimer here. Don’t write off the entire company – I just don’t recommend these particular products from them. Sometimes even just that particular shade of something is bad but other products in that line are great. Even great companies get it wrong sometimes!

Ok – Let’s do it!

NYX Love in Florence Palette in Cia Bella


Why it’s dead to me? The beautiful taupe colour is very soft and crumbly. It’s has insane fallout on the lid and glitter gets all over my face. In my thumbnail pics below you can see all the fallout in the pan on the taupe colour, You can see how it crumbles on my finger and as I swatch it and lastly you cab see my ring finger with a slight shine to it – that’s the peach/pink colour in the palette. I tried to swatch it and hardly any colour will come off.


20150208_10360220150208_103624 20150208_103639







NYX Love in Rio Barefoot in the Sand Trio



Why it’s dead to me? Once again, very little colour pay off. I can pick up quite a lot of colour on my fingers but not when I swatch it out. Working with it on my lid is even harder. The only good colour is the darkest grey-taupe shade. I might depot it and toss the rest!


20150208_103400 (1)









NYC Individual Eyes Palette in Midtown Mauve


Why it’s dead to me? I loved the silver/mauve shade in the pan! It looked really unique and absolutely my style. Sadly out of all of the colours in this palette THAT IS THE WORST ONE! I can’t even build it up to something relevant. The palette also includes a primer and a highlight. It seems like a great idea to keep this lil’ gal at work just in case. Everything you need is right there! Sadly the primer is just irrelevant. It has a super slippy texture and it just disappears on the lid. It does nothing. The highlight shows up but it is glittery and thus the glitter falls out everywhere. Both the primer and the highlighter have a tendency to get sort of sweaty in the pan which is beyond unappealing! All that being said the burgundy in here is quite nice.

I have a few other honorable mentions including my recent post on Joe Fresh Makeup, Maybelline Colour Tattoo Leathers and a few Almay Dollar Store products. But the NYX and the NYC products were things that at first I was excited about but once I started using them I found them very difficult to work with! Next week is part 2 of this post. I have brushes, cheek and face products as well as some lippies. Once again, I’d like to say that I still like all of these brands but these particular products are just complete duds! Part of me feels guilty when I write negative things about companies but as a consumer I’d like to know what products I should skip over. And let’s be honest – not everything can be a hit!


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