Nat’s February 2015 Favourites

Makeup Geek Foundation Stippling Brush (Revised Design)

First thing, I just checked on the website and they are now selling only the classic design of this brush. They had taken out the revised design, which is the one that I purchased, that had the smaller head. The classic design has a slightly larger head. I may just need to get myself one….

This is the 1st brush that I have tried that does not streak my foundation. It spreads the foundation evenly, lightly, just lovely. The bristles are stiff enough not to bend when you needed to stipple product on the spots where you need it most. Holy grail status for me so far! It retails for $17.99 USD on the Makeup Geek website.

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid Perfume

I got his from my husband on Christmas. It is a very luxurious bottle, like you can feel the Tom Ford-ness in your hand. The smell has the same feeling for me. I don’t use this for day-to-day wear, since I find it is more of a night-time smell, but when I do, only 1 spray is enough and it is very very long wearing. I was putting clothes in the laundry and got a hint of the smell still on my shirt, almost a week later. That’s how well it stays!

It is more dramatic a perfume that I am used to but I love the smell. It has notes of Cool Citrus, Floral Petals, Honey and Rum. I think that is why my hubby loves it so much, it is like a magnet to my neck lol.  Plus, it’s purple! ❤

Makeup Geek Eye Shadow in Coco Bear

We all know that I am HUGE fan of Makeup Geek shadows. I would own them all if it weren’t for the current terrible USD / CAN conversion. I’ve had this shade for a while, and in the spirit of exploring my makeup collection, I decided to try it more. I have seen a few youtubers using this shade as a crease/transition colour and I always doubted it because it is a darker colour than I usually use in my crease. So I decided to take the plunge and OMG, why was I hesitating!! This is amazeballs!!! You need this colour, you just do. I combined it with Makeup Geek Foiled eyeshadow in In the Spotlight and fell in love with Coco Bear (not Marlena’s Coco Bear 😉 ). This is a great shade with tons of versatility.

Life Brand Foam Bath (from Shoppers Drug Mart)

A few years ago my Grand Ma got all the women in the family some if these foam baths from Shoppers Drug Mart. Love struck!! I ran out of them and had to stock up. These were on sale for $3.99 regular $5.99. Cannot beat that price! I really like these as they smell fresh and relaxing. My favourite is Ocean Breeze. It foams great (not bubbles cause this is foaming not bubbling) but since it foams, it creates a more dense bubble that lasts longuer in the bath. Worth the price for sure.

Bath Retreat Deluxe Exfoliating Gloves 

I got these gloves at Shoppers Drugmart at the low cost of $3.99. The reason I love these kinds of gloves is that it is an easy way to exfoliate your skin without using anything fancy or a fancy brush. I use my Bath and Body Works Wild Madagascar Vanilla Bean Body Scrub and pour some in my gloves (while wearing them of course) and just rub it on my body. The scrub combined with these gloves exfoliate amazingly and leave my body and as a bonus, my hands, nice and soft and free of dead, dry skin.

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