Missy’s February Favourites!

Brrrrr what an insanely cold month this has been! Good thing I’ve had a newborn to use as a great excuse to hibernate indoors! However, Canadian girls know that heating systems can dry out your skin worse than a minus 30 degree wind chill! So this month of favourites is going to be all about moisture!
Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask in Champagne:
I bought this lip mask after reading a great review off of Refinery29 http://www.refinery29.com/bite-agave-lip-mask-review. I love this online publication and I find I agree with alot of their beauty articles and tips. This lip mask promises to improve the texture of lips so that they’re more hydrated, healthier-looking, soothed, and softer feeling. And it delivers! What’s great about this lip mask is they released it in colours so you can wear it during the day. It is and forever will be my go to protection during winter outings. If you’re an winter wonderland outdoorsy type you NEED this product. The only drawback is that I would not recommend wearing it on a first date. It protects so well because it retains it’s ‘mask’ texture for a long time. So wear it while you’re skiing but take it off for snuggling in the lodge!

agave mask

Lancôme Rénergie Lift Multi-Action Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15 For All Skin Types:
This luxurious face cream absorbs well and instantly made my face feel less flaky and tight. It also seemed to instantly improve the texture of my skin and I love the fact that it has built in sun screen. Now I must confess I only have this lovely (and expensive cream $115 CAD yikes!) as a sample size but the cream is so luxurious that I think it will take me a few weeks of careful application to run out (and by that time my skin will have gained some of the benefits!). If you’re not willing to pay for this cream but like the sounds of it I say look for ‘Beauty Gifts with Purchase” of this product atThe Bay or other make-up retailers of Lancome products.

lancome moisturizer
Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelée:
I spoke about this great little product in my last post since it was part of my Sephora Favourites – Summer Stash review. This buildable, blendable blush provides the natural look of a cream blush with the long-lasting hydrating color of a gel stain. After looking into it more I learned that this prodcut is “infused with 50 percent pure coconut water…vitamin E-rich argan oil” so it instantly hydrates and nourishes. My cheeks are the driest during the winter so this little beauty is a godsend to give me a great blush moisturizer combo!

josie maran
EOS Lip Balm:
I have been loving my EOS lip balm this month. The packaging is cute and I like that I don’t have to get my fingers greasy to smooth on this lovely balm that’s packed with shea butter and vitamin E. I like that the formula is long lasting and is neithr too thin or too thick which means it’s great for kissing husbands and new babies! They have a lovely ‘Sweet Mint’ flavour that isn’t too artificial smelling/tasting. If you haven’t tried out this lip balm it’s time you did!

Earth Mama Angel Baby Mama’s Nipple Butter:
Okay, so this is a bit of a weird one but bear with me because this is a MIRACULOUS product that I will continue to order long after my breast feeding days are done! This olive oil based nipple butter basically fixes everything and I now put it on, well, everything! This amazing product fixes and soothes everything from nipples (obviously) to dry skin, pimples, psoriais, ingrown hairs, etc. Basically if you have something on your skin or face that’s red, put this balm on it wait a couple of hours and then go look in the mirror and see the improvement. It’s definitely not something to layer under makeup but seriously, give this stuff a try. It has a gorgeous buttery consistency that never feels sticky and a nice cocoa butter smell.

nipple butter
If you suffer from dry skin I hope you got some good ideas of products to purchase … seriously check out the nipple butter! … keep warm and moisturized out there!


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