The $10 Weekly – Mini Joe Fresh Haul & Impressions

Joe Fresh Clearance bin finds!

This week I felt like a doing a little “haul.” I’ve done it a bit in the past where I see how far I can make my $10 stretch! I’m always really proud to get a bunch of interesting things for $10. Such a bargain hunter!!! This time when I went looking I decided that it was time to raid the Joe Fresh clearance bin at my local Superstore. I didn’t hit $10, I didn’t need too. I was able to cover the range respectably with picking up a cream shadow for $0.44, an eye shadow single for $1.94, and a mini palette eye shadow trio + lip stick for $2.94. (My numbers might be a few scents off).

When at it’s full price, Joe Fresh’s makeup is around the $10 per item mark. I went in to this little venture expecting drugstore quality because I’m paying drugstore prices. In my opinion that means I might have to forgive a product for a workable flaw because it’s high end counter part could be 4x the cost. I use Wet’n’Wild shadows as my drugstore bench mark, is it better than Wet’n’Wild? More accessible? Offer a variety of colours and choices? And how it compares in price to them. I have to confess that other than the potential for more trendy colours, Joe Fresh has little to offer.

The Cream Shadow: I actually kind of liked the little packaging. It doesn’t come in a pot like Maybelline Colour Tattoos and other cream shadows, it comes in a little eye shadow cube that is perfectly clear. It swatches very sheer but there is still some nice pigmentation. It has a more liquidy texture than most cream shadows I’ve encountered. I chose a brown colour called Venus because it was what was available and I’m also looking for a nice, every day cream shadow for when I’m getting ready in a rush. When I applied it on my lid it was extremely sheer. I had to try to build up the colour but found it lacking so I gave it some definition with a subtle darker brown contrast shade in my crease and a high light under my brow bone. It ended up being a nice nude look with a hint of sparkle that almost made my eyes dewy. I liked what I was able to do with it although I did wish I didn’t have to go in with additional colour. I didn’t use a primer because cream shadows should be able to act as a primer. Unfortunately by the time I got to work, my shadow was already creasing! So for me – this product from Joe Fresh is a complete DUD! By the time I did my makeup and looked in the mirror to see creasing about an hour and a half had passed. As result, I would never suggest that anyone check out Joe Fresh Cream Shadow for less than $0.50. What’s the point if it only last an hour??




The Eye & Lip Palette + Eye Shadow Single: I will review these together because I wore them together. I picked up a darker brown eye shadow single in the colour Chocolate to offset the super light colours in the palette. The palette was originally a spring palette from 2014 so it has really pretty pastels in it. The palette included 3 eye shadows shades, 1 pink, 1 blue and 1 sort of peachy shade. It had a lip stick that was hot pink and a little brush. On the inside was also a teeny mirror. I didn’t care for the packaging of this palette. It sort of felt cheap to me and it just wasn’t my style. As for the product inside, sadly they hardly swatch at all. I had to pack on the colour and found that they all sort of just looked light. The blue actually swatched the best but it showed up white when I tried to apply it to my lid. I threw the brown single in the crease to help add a little definition. It helped some but none of the shades were that easy to work with. They weren’t easy to blend and required a lot of building up. The look I ended up with didn’t really show off the colours as I see them in the pan. I used a primer this time and found that it lasted ok. I tried using the little brush that it came with but it was pretty useless. The lipstick wasn’t my colour. It was a bold hot pink. I tried it on and decided to matte it out a bit with tissue. That made it suit me well enough. It transfers easily and last about as long as you’d expect from a cheap lipstick, so maybe an hour or 2.

The single swatch – not bad colour pay off



You can hardly see the swatches
The lipstick has decent pigmentation and lasts a few hours


Overall: For the price I would honestly tell someone to skip Joe Fresh – even at clearance prices – and just hit up Wet’n’Wild instead. The lipstick is better, the eye shadows are reliable and you can’t beat the price. There was nothing special about Joe Fresh cosmetics that stood out to me. I was hoping for better colour pay off from the shadows in the palette and really had nothing! I honestly don’t think I will be buying Joe Fresh cosmetics again. Sorry Joe Fresh!

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