Almay tlc Foundation (Truly Long Lasting Color) – A Review

2015-01-24 16.46.44

Today I’m talking about the Almay tlc Foundation. I also bought the Almay Smart Shade Perfect & Correct Primer and will have a full review on that next week! 

The Packaging: The Almay tlc Foundation is packaged in a glass jar with a pump dispenser. There is nothing overly sexy about the packaing but it is in my preferred style. I like the pump packaging over the jar of the Revlon Color Stay or the squeeze tubes of Rimmel. That’s just me though 🙂 

The Claims: Almay claims that their tlc Foundation last up to 16 hours, helps nourishes and protects your skin, looks fresh all day and is hypoallergenic, oil free & won’t clog pores. A little further down I will get in to the look and feel on the skin but right up front I have to call bogus on the “protects your skin” claim. The reason being is that in my mind, if it protects your skin it should be from sun damage and so it should include an SPF. Perhaps others don’t agree but that’s my opinion. As far as being hypoallergenic & oil free, I think that that part is legit. I have super sensitive skin and will react very quickly to perfumes, alcohols, sulfates, etc and I had no reactions while I wore this. I’ve been using it quite regularly for a few weeks now too. No break outs either.

Longevity: I believe that there also may be some legitimacy to the claim of 16 hour wear. When I test foundation I wear them to work and check on how they look when I get home, since for me that is quite important! I do my makeup around 7am and when I get home around 6pm things are still in good shape. Its not as fresh as it was at 7am but I can still see it, it looks pretty nice and I usually have walked home for 25 minutes in sub-zero temperatures. I consider that last part important since I am pretty confident that the walk home is what begins to erode my makeup. When I wear it on the weekend while I’m just hanging out at home it lasts me all day with no issues. I’m very happy with the longevity on my skin. I always pair it with a primer (including the mentioned Almay Smart Shade primer) but there was one day, just to see, where I didn’t. I felt I could get away with having a day at home wearing just the foundation and no primer. I didn’t give it a hard test though and for that reason I can’t fully say this can be used without one.

2015-01-24 16.48.45
Almay tlc Foundation in the shade naked 160


2015-01-24 16.49.14
Blended out on my hand


Look & Feel: I genuinely like the look and feel of this foundation on my skin so much so that I will continue to use this foundation even after writing this review. I keep on reaching for it. It applies smoothly and easily with the help of my trusty beauty blender. It matches my skin quite well and I can compare it to the Revlon Color Stay or the L’Òreal True Match in Characteristics. I can build up over the parts of my skin where I need an extra little help, it doesn’t look pasty at all, and no break outs or reactions! I think this foundation would be a great candidate for most skin types. I think that the coverage would be best classified as medium and can built up to a heavy almost full. I feel that way about Revlon as well. I personally felt that it looked best when I set it with a setting powder because over time it can get a little dewy. If I used a setting powder I didn’t get that mid-day shine.

Price comparison: The Almay tlc Foundation is pretty comparable in price point & quality to Revlon Colour stay and L’Oreal Paris True Match. I bought mine for about $17. It can be purchased anywhere Almay is sold and I frequently see it on sale so if you’re interested check your flyers.

Overall: I am quite impressed with the Almay tlc Foundation and would buy it again. I really enjoy the basic but functional packaging, the look on my skin and the longevity. It never felt greasy and just looked nice and natural. I would recommend this to anyone! If you’re in the market for a nice liquid foundation from the drugstore – give Almay a try!

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