Yay or Nay Sunday – Infallible 2-Step Long Wear Lipstick

On this week’s Yay or Nay Sunday, Infallible 2-Step Long Wear Lipstick by L’Oréal.

Unfortunately this lipstick is a …. Nay. Read on to see why.

Here are the claims of this product: 24hr hold, 24 hr comfort

– All day smoothness for colour that never dries
– All day hydration for endless comfort
– All day resistance for colour that never fades

The combination of replenishing hyaluronic gel and high intensity pigments, finished with an illuminating balm provide 24hr infallible colour, hydration and comfort for your lips.

Step 1: A priming applicator with micro-fill fibres smoothes lip grooves for super even coverage and three dimensional coverage in just one stroke.

Step 2: The Hyaluronic Gel balm keeps lips feeling moisturised for 24hrs.

When I applied the lipstick it dried to a silk matte finish which was good but not super comfortable. I made sure to apply a lip balm before applying the lipstick because I know I don’t like a super dry feel that some long-wear lipstick give. I thought this was a great idea to try this lipstick not only for the colour, but because I was heading to sit all-morning job interviews and I knew I needed something long wearing since there would be no opportunity to reapply. I brought my coffee mug with me and had a glass of water and when I went back to my office, well, I was disappointed. I could feel my lips dry and very rough. When I looked in the mirror, the colour from the middle of my lips had feathered all the way to the outside of my lips which made it look like a thick lip liner with an ombre look. NOT flattering. I also applied the balm side to make sure I was keeping my lips hydrated and shiny and comfortable but it didn’t help, it just kept feathering. It would remove the pigmentation from the middle of my lips and kept the edges dry and rough, almost chapped (I think my previous application of lip balm saved me there). I got so fed up with it that I went to the washroom to wash it off. Well, of course, it was a pain to take off the edges of my lips because all the products had feathered there! I had no makeup remover at work so that was fun… It was hard to take off and only there did I see the possible “24hr hold”

On a positive note, the colour is amazing and pigmented. I got the colour 107 Violet Parfait. I found the application of the liquid lipstick was easy and smooth with the applicator. That is all good but if it doesn’t stay and doesn’t feel comfortable, then the colour and application don’t matter.


The balm side.
The applicator is nice. The angle and tip allowed for an easy application of the lipstick.
Upon application of the lipstick, before it dries. Pigmented on one swipe.


What the colour looks like once the lipstick dries to a satin/matte finish.
After applying the balm on top.

I hope you found this review helpful. Have a happy and relaxing Sunday!


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