Buxom Full-On Lip Polish, Full-On Lip Cream and Full Bodied Lip Gloss Swatches!!

Welcome to Buxom Swatch Fest! This post is solely to swatch the Buxom glosses that I own.

I hope you enjoy these swatches and don’t forget to check out my My Favourite Drug Store and High End Lip Glosses post from yesterday, especially if you are looking for a full review.

I find the Full-On Lip Polishes / Creams are great layering lip glosses. They work best and get the best colour pay-off when applied over a lipstick. You can see that in the swatches below (especially for Isabella) where the colour sometimes gets lost on the lips but there is a nice tint to them on the hand swatch.

The Full-Bodied ones are best on their own and have more pigment as they are thicker. Unfortunately I only own 2 very nude colours so I don’t have a good colour comparison to show you.


Dolly – Lip Polish



White Russian (this is a cult classic and I also have it below in the nice gold holiday packaging) – Lip Cream



Jennifer – Lip Polish



Buxom Lip Gloss Roulette 

Dominique – Lip Polish



Megan – Lip Polish



Karen – Lip Polish



Mudslide – Lip Cream



Isabella – Lip Polish

(so this is where I had to stop because my lips we getting raw and red/bumpy!!!)



Lavender Cosmo – Lip Cream

This one really settled in the lines of my lips!



Clair – Lip Polish



White Russian (gold packaging version) – Lip Cream



Jennifer – Lip Polish



Mai Tai – Lip Cream (one of my favs!)



Rebecca – Lip Polish



Zoe – Lip Polish



Sophia – Lip Polish



Katie – Lip Polish



Julie – Lip Polish



Here are the 2 Full-Bodied polish that I own




Yes You



you can see that the full-bodied ones are shorter and fatter


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