My Favourite Drug Store and High End Lip Glosses! SWATCHES

Following my Favourites Drug Store and High End Lipsticks post, I wanted to do my favourite lip glosses! If you follow me on Instagram, I am sure you can guess a couple ūüôā

I decided instead of just showing you the ones I prefer, I went for the brand in general. So I did swatches of all the ones that I own, so there is a swatch fest going down below! Take out your streamers and party hats, let’s get to this lip gloss and swatches PARTY! ūüėÄ


Drug Store 

NYX Butter Glosses

My all-time love, the NYX Butter Glosses. I fell in love with these after I got the √Čclair colour in my ipsy bag. Then, I picked 4 more when I was in the US last September, and the others I recently picked up at Target because they are closing here in Canada and they are cheaper there. So yes, I am aware that I have a lot, but trust me I wear them all. These are just amazing. They smell sweet, but not sickly sweet like some others that I just can’t stand. The NYX Butter Gloss holds enough pigment and they are very versatile. I also like them because of their size, they are not too big and not too small. They fit perfect in a purse, little makeup bag or in a jean pocket (or if you are like me and don’t have a pocket, in your bra! :s). They are a little thick, but I don’t mind that since the thickness helps with the pigmentation. love love love these ‚̧ I use them all the time at work, they are perfect for an office look.

There are some that I prefer over others. My go-to favourite is¬†Tiramisu.¬†It is just the right balance between brown/pink and mauve. ‚̧ ¬†Another that I love reaching for is Fortune Cookie¬†when I need something more on the brown/neutral side, especially when I do a bolder eye or to put over a lipstick.

My least favourite of my collection is Raspberry Tart and Peaches and Cream. However, I still wear both and still enjoy them. The last time I wore Raspberry Tart to go shopping, I got stopped by the ladies at the store because they wanted to know what I was wearing. Which of course, led to a 10 minute conversation about the best lip glosses (and the beauty blogger in me came out lol).

I heard that for the Spring 2015 line, NYX have some new intense butter glosses and I cannot wait to try them!



Fortune Cookie

A newer colour to my collection, but fastly becoming one of my favourites.




My favourite!






Angel Food Cake






Peaches and Cream



Maple Blondie



Peach Cobbler



Cherry Pie



Raspberry Tart



Where to purchase in Canada: You can find NYX mainly in Rexall Parma Plus stores. However, I suggest that you wait for a sale and not pay full price for them. I find that they are overpriced there. We can still get them at Target until all the stores close or run out of inventory. @ Rexall they are $9.99 (sometines I’ve seen them at $10.99). @ Target they are $7.99 or check out the sales until the stores close.


Buxom Full On Lip Cream and Lip Polish

First off, if you don’t know Buxom’s lip glosses, they have 3¬†different kinds:

1- Lip Cream: A creamy, no-shimmer lip gloss with a tingling, plumping effect. They are in the frosted tubes (such as White Russian below).

2- Lip Polish: A sheer, shimmering lip gloss with a tingling, plumping effect. They are in the clear tubes (such as Jennifer and Dolly below).

3 РFull Bodied: A sheer, shimmering, hydrating gloss with a no-tingle plumping effect. They are in the clear fat tubes.

As you can see, two of them have the tingle, minty plumping effect and one doesn’t. The thing that sucks about the Full Bodied ones, is that since the tube is shorter and fatter, it doesn’t fit on regular lipstick organizers (but that won’t be what stops me from purchasing them). ¬†I really fell in love with these and I love that they offer the tingle or no-tingle options. I find that these are some of the best layering lip glosses. They help finish off a look by adding a perfect amount of shimmer or creamy-ness. They can change a lipstick from oh-la-la to pow-wow! They are a little sticky, but for a person that normally doesn’t like a sticky gloss, I really don’t mind these, at all. Maybe it’s because the tingly feeling takes over and you forget about the sticky, I am not sure, but whatever magic they infused these with, works. (GEEK REFERENCE ALERT!!) It’s like Obi-Wan’s “these aren’t the droids you are looking for” jedi mind trick, you forget the sticky feeling instantly after application! ¬†I, myself, really enjoy the small-sized ones since they are super cute and so portable. All the¬†tubes you see below are the small sized ones.

I highly recommend these Buxom lip glosses.

Note: my husband got me the Roulette kit that they had for Christmas with 15 of the smaller¬†sized ones. ¬†I wanted to show them all to you guys but didn’t want to make this post super long. So what I decided was to finish this post off (after the Julep glosses) and post a seperate post with just the Buxom swatches for you guys to check out!






White Russian






Where to purchase in Canada:¬†Boxum is a Sephora exclusive brand so you can get them online or in stores. They retail for $23 each and have sooooo many colours. ¬†In the Full-On Lip Polish line, they have 100 colours, yes, 100. It’s fun because you can go find your name and get your namesake lip gloss! ¬†In the Full-On Lip Cream they have 14 colours and in the Full Bodied line they have 11 colours to choose from.


Julep Lip Glosses

Julep has some great lip glosses. ¬†If you are subscribed to their monthly box, you have access to some pretty awesome deals and can always buy these at a discount or in a nice kit! These last longuer that the NYX butter glosses but are also not as pigmented. They are thinner in consistency and smell just as good. Julep’s packaging is also always nice and sturdy. You can tell that the quality of the packaging is definitely up there. Each gloss has some weight and classiness to them. My only beef with them is that they have a very very small sticker on the bottom of the small versions of them where you can barely see the name of the colour. Other than that, these are at the top of my list and are definitely worth the price.



My favourite!



























Where to purchase in Canada:¬†The only place to get these is on the Julep website. They retail for $20 each but if you are a Maven subscriber, you automatically get a discount and it brings them down to $16 each. They also often have kits where you can get some of the smaller versions for a good price. If you are a Maven, as a Canadian, it is awesome: FREE SHIPPING. That¬†never happens. And whatever amount you see at checkout is the amount you pay, no customs fee or tax fee, etc. If you are interested in joining being a Maven, click here ūüôā you can get your first box free!

– Nat

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