Let’s Talk About Swatching! Liquid Foundation Edition

Liquid foundation is always the trickiest purchase in my mind. This is the product that can make or break your look. Miscoulored or crappy foundation will take away from that perfect lip effect or eye look because people will be too busy wondering why you skin is off colour (jaundice, too pale, too tan), cakey, oily, or just WRONG. Bad foundation is a terrible thing, don’t let it happen to you.
I mean even the name ‘foundation’ shows how critical this product is! This is your base people! If you already know that it’s bad news if your house’s foundation has a crack, then I’m sure you realize that you certainly don’t want your face caked with cracking foundation.
So let’s get to it. I must admit I’m a sheer foundation advocate. While I’ve dappled in full coverage foundation I find sheer, buildable coverage much more natural and easier to work with then the full coverage stuff. Basically it’s forgivable. Full coverage will give you a flawless complexion IF it’s applied expertly. Screw it up and it looks awful. Sheer foundation allows you to get away with those mornings that you may not have taken the time to blend so well.
That rant done, let’s start with how to swatch it.

1) First find a liquid foundation that when you rub it between your thumb and forefinger feels like WATER! Yes, try to steer clear of creamy or grainy foundations. Remember this stuff is going to be all over your face and your pores. Would you rather have water on your face or cream/sand? No brainer right? The best foundation I’ve ever found that has this consistency is Nars Sheer Glow foundation. No other foundation has ever come close in my opinion but I will put out some honourable mentions to Smashbox Studio Skin and Clinique Even Better Makeup. (However, I will admit that since I’ve been so insanely happy with the Nars foundation I haven’t tried very many other brands for long periods of time.)

nars sheer glow


2) So now that you’ve found your water-like foundation you need to make sure that it’s NOT watery. What I mean by that, is make sure it covers! Look at your usually rosy thumb now that you’ve done the ‘touch’ test. Is it lighter than your other thumb? If so, now it’s time to take a swatch to your jaw line.
3) Put a swatch of foundation along your jaw line. Does it match? Look for it being too yellow or peachy. If it does match, rub it in with your finger tips. Is there a huge discrepency between the rubbed in colour and your neck? If not, then it’s time for the final test of ‘buildability’!
4) Find a blemish on your face – be it a pimple, a bruise, a scar, dark circles, or a too rosy area. Can you build the foundation to cover that area? If yes – I say PURCHASE!
I hope this helps you with your next liquid foundation purchase or re-evalutate your current foundation if it’s been giving you issues!

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