The $10 Weekly – Live Clean Fresh Face Refreshing Facial Wipes


This week is a quicky but a goodie. I’ve been on the hunt for a good, quick way to wash my face before bed. The reality for me, and I suspect many readers, is that we can’t all afford the time for a 40 minute evening beauty ritual every night. I’m busy. When I get ready for bed most nights I want to remove my makeup and apply a night cream. I want it all to be done in under 5 minutes because if it takes more than that, I won’t do it. So began the hunt for a facial wipe that will remove makeup and not strip my skin. And of course, it had to be less than $10 because this girl is on a budget!

The find – Live Clean Refreshing Facial Wipes. You can purchase them at Shoppers, Rexall, and Loblaws/Superstore. They do a fantastic job of removing my makeup and cleaning my face. I still need an eye makeup remover for heavy eye makeup or waterproof eye makeup but that’s to be expected. I find that if use these wipes – even a few days in a row – it doesn’t dry out my skin or cause a reaction. As soon as I use them I immediately use my toner and then cream. I find that I can wash up before bed in just a few minutes AND since I’m not filling the sink up wither water it’s far less mess too. An added bonus IMO.

One of the things that I find compelling about this product is not really the price tag of $9.99 (FYI – another great brand is Pacifica and their facial wipes at Kardish are $4.99). Which let’s be honest, is average. It’s the fact that this company provides eco-friendly, not harmful beauty products for less than $10/product. Whether it’s shampoo, face wash, baby supplies etc. AND they’re a Canadian company! I find that products that play the eco-friendly angle tend to inherently be more expensive. I’ve noticed that many Canadian Beauty companies play in to that market but as result, are very pricey. For example, Sappho is a lovely Canadian Eco Friendly makeup company that I simply can’t afford. Anyway, I’m pleased that I found a company that hits some of my values and my price point. I look forward to trying more from these guys. Has anyone else used their products? I’m especially interested in their skin care.

My one complaint is that like so many Canadian companies they appear to feel like they need to hide the fact that they are Canadian. I could only confirm that they were Canadian because of, who marks them as Canadian. The Live Clean website says nothing about Canada at all. So many beauty companies like to pretend that they aren’t Canadian and it just bothers me.

Ok off of my pedestal. If you’re curious about Live Clean you can check out their website here.


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