Yay or Nay Sunday – Julep Blank Canvas Plumping Lip Primer

Of all my subscriptions, I cannot break up with Julep. They are branching out into more and more makeup and I love it. I am in for the ride and happy to try out these new products as they come out. I find that their makeup can be hit or miss but the stuff that I like from them, I really like (like my obsession with their lipglosses and their brushes). This week however, on Yay or Nay we are talking about Julep’s Blank Canvas Plumping Lip Primer, and this is not one of my likes. It is unfortunately a Nay. It is not even a product that I will pass along to someone else. It was that bad.

I have never really tried a lip primer, probably because I have dry lips and I always have a lip balm on at all the times  including before / after lipstick. So this was a product I was excited to try. Unfortunately, I was not happy with this product. I got it in one of my Maven Subscription Boxes as the free gift because I got 3 add-ons with my box. It retails for $22 if your are not a maven and $17.60 for the Maven price.

Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty. The first thing is that you have to do is click the back of the stick, much like a pen. You must click quite a bit the first time that you use this pen. However, I think that it is normal for any new product that you either have to twist or click (even if the clicking was a 1st for me). So that is not a big deal, I don’t mind the clicking thing and how the products dispenses.

However, because it looks like the product only comes out from the end of the applicator, the doe food applicator is hard, not soft at all which surprised me the first time that I used it.

I also found that the plumping effect doesn’t feel tingly and minty, much like lipglosses that have a plumping effect,  it feels more like my lips are sore, as if I have swatched lipsticks over and over, like a burning sensation. It just made my lips hurt and red look red.

Upon application, it was thick, sticky and didn’t apply well at all. I was hard to spread across my lips and it left little chunks of product along all my lips (see picture below)

But I think the worst part of this product is the smell; it is horrendous, terrible!

It smells, I can’t even begin to describe it… like chemicals, like old plastic, I am not even sure… My husband says it smells like clay, I agree but I still can’t stand it. For that reason alone, I would not use it even if it was the best primer ever. I am not a fan of having something on my face, especially directly other my nose, that smell bad. I don’t want to smell it all day.

So all in all, there are many reasons that I don’t like this product and I unfortunately do NOT like this. Maybe my lips are too sensitive for me, maybe not. Either way, I am not keeping this primer.

I am sorry Julep, but this product is a nay and I do not recommend it.


the lovely chunks that were left on my lips after trying to smooth out the product over and and over…


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