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Well.ca is an online version of Shoppers Drugmart. They sell medicine, toiletries and of course makeup! They are Canadian, based out of Guelph Ontario, and one nice perk as result of them being Canadian is the low free shipping threshold. After $25 before tax your shipping is free! They have quite a comprehensive range of beauty products. I love shopping with them.

They clearly mark on their website what brands are cruelty-free, vegan, etc. You can search for items based on those preferences as well. They are a great source for brands such as Andalou, Pacifica and E.L.F. The only catch is that their regular priced items tend to be more expensive than if you could find those brands in store. Still, if you don’t have access to a Kardish but are interested in Andalou, Well.ca can help you out! They also regularly have sales which are easy to find under their “sale” section on the website. I’ve bought a few items from them and found them to have fast & efficient order placing and shipping process so I highly recommend them. And personally, I don’t mind paying an extra $1 to support a Canadian business.

As you can see, you can search through their site for all kinds of specific needs!


So here’s what to expect when ordering from Well.ca:

I decided that I wanted to test some Almay products for the blog (review coming soon!). I placed an order place on January 13 2015, 10am. Immediately I received 2 emails. An email confirmation of my placed order and a processing notice.

On January 16th I received a shipping notification complete with a link to Canada Post for my tracking information.

My package arrived a few days later on January 19th, all safe and sound. My makeup was packaged in a large box and was bubble wrapped together. Every time I’ve order from them they have always included free samples. Usually it’s laundry detergent or dishwashing pods but this time they let me choose. So I picked some face wipes from Simple.

2015-01-24 16.36.33

So that was that! Pretty easy! Everything took less than a week and as per usual I was quite happy with their service. I highly recommend checking them out and supporting them. They do have a great selection of beauty products as well as just general home & health care products. I personally have ordered from them a few times and have never been let down.


2 thoughts on “Where To Shop – Well.ca

  1. I absolutely love Well.ca. Shop this site monthly for Cheer laundry soap. They pulled it off the shelves here in The Maritimes. So, when I order it, I also purchase makeup. Of course I do. Lol Great costumer service as well.


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