Yummy Mummy Pick: Nars Laguna Bronzer – Best in the World?


When it comes to face enhancing products I must confess that I find Nars hard to beat. The legend goes that it was developed by a professional photographer to make the models’ skin look flawless on film. I put their products to the test during my wedding in 2011 since I decided to not pay for wedding picture ‘touch-ups’ and do my own make-up. I have to say I’m still impressed with what my amateur make-up application produced that day. 🙂

That being said, Nars Laguna bronzer is pricey but it lasts so I consider it an investment piece. In Canadian Sephora it retails for $45 (which is what I’ll usually pay for a full face palette!) but I have to say that my full size bronzer lasted me for over 2 years now (and yes it mostly mirror now … I have another brozer in the mail as we speak! … and for those of you that are horrified that I’ve kept a product for over its year’s expiration date I have to say that the product, unlike, some did not show very much wear and tear from being allowed to age – pigment, shimmer, and texture is all still fine).

Still unwilling to trust me and shell out almost $50 for one product? Well if you’re a sephora-holic like me you’ll notice that this Laguna Bronzer is sooooo good and soooo coveted that it’s actually featured in alot of sephora ‘best ofs’ and different Nars face palettes.
s1681766-main-Narsissist laguna orgasm virtual domination summer stash

Why is it featured so much? It’s because it’s awesome and natural looking. If you’re a contouring fiend it’s your best friend for creating a sculpted look. If you’ve survived a winter in Canada and need to add some colour to blue-tinged winter skin it can create an instant healthy skin kissed look for nose cheeks and collar bones! This bronzing powder creates the ultimate healthy glow hands down! It has a subtle golden shimmer which creates an all-over warmth or contour for the face. It is perfect for creating or enhancing the look of tanned skin. The powder is very well balanced. It feels as smooth as baby powder which means that it won’t bring attention to fine lines or large pores. If anything, it minimizes them and creates a more even looking complexion.

With my pregnancy weight gain/bloat, I found this product invaluable for helping me make my face look like me – rather than the big dough ball it was. So I highly recommend that you give this great, vesatile product a whirl!

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