What To Do With Your Used Candles

It is no secret that I love candles. As you all know from my monthly favourite posts, I burn them all the time, especially in fall/winter. Many of those candles, like the Yankee Candle ones or Bath and Body Works, come in these nice thick glass containers.  I like to re-purpose those containers for many different things!


Now, how do I achieve this? When your candle is done burning, don’t just simply throw it out. We know that there is always little bit of candle wax left on the bottom of the container and to be able to reuse these, we need to get rid of it. How? Well it is super simple.

  1. Freeze it. Put the container in freezer overnight (without the lid if your candle has one) and let the wax freeze. What happens is that the wax actually shrinks and unsticks from the glass container. When you take it out, it should easily pop right out. If not, you can easily break it apart to take it out of the container. I find some are super easy and others take a little effort.

     2. Clean it. Take out the frozen wax and wash the container if any wax left in it. I take off the sticker (step 3 will take care of the glue left behind) and put the container in the dishwasher.

After the wax removed, you can still see some left overs, the dishwasher should take care of that.

3. Unstick it. That is the worst part as the sticker on the candle often leave thick sticky glue on the glass, even after thorough washing. Well, I have a magical product for you that removes any             glue from price tags, and even these super sticky candle stickers. Goo-Gone! Simply spray a little of that orange greasy stuff on a dry cleaning cloth and rub on the glue you want to get rid of.             Wipe down with another dry cloth. Be careful to use only a little at a time as it is very greasy.

This is my miracle worker, the goo-gone. Works wonders on any stickers that leave glue. Thank you mom for this tip!
just a little bit of goo-gone a dry cloth and a light rub is all you need to remove that strong glue
As you can see the dishwasher took care of the leftover wax, now time to remove the sticker on the bottom and the glue left behind by the big label sticker

You can see the corner of the sticker is gone after some the of goo-gone has done its magic!!

 4. Reuse-it! You are done, you can now reuse these awesome containers.

Here are some ideas: use in your kitchen for a flour or sugar container or other spices (only if your candles were unscented!). You can use them to put beauty products like bobbi pins, hair ties and cotton balls or rounds. You could also reuse them for crafts and make some nice decorations with them. During Christmas, they can be used for displaying some Christmas ornaments and make a decoration with them. The options are endless!

and now a Yankee Candle container that still smells wonderfully of pine, is being used for my cotton swabs!

Do you have any tricks and tips to take out the wax from the wax? The freezing way works well but I am wondering if there is anything else that works too. Also, if you know a way to remove the wax and reuse what’s left, since there is always some left on the bottom, leave me those fantastic tips in the comments.

– Nat

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