The $10 Weekly – Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss


I picked up this lil’ beauty for $8.99 at Shoppers Drugmart the other day. I had been really curious about these lip butters since they launched in the fall. They are essentially a tinted balm. Providing moisture to your lips and a splash of colour. They aren’t intended to be a full on lipstick and are far less sticky than a lip gloss.

I love them. They are made of Shea Butter and glide on smooth. No need for a mirror! They have no taste but smell vaguely of shea. I chose the colour “berry-medium” (90). I personally find that berry toned lip colours suit me best. There is a good selection of colours broken down by shade choice and depth of colour meant to match your skin tone. For example if I chose the berry in light it’d be a little lighter and intended to match a more fair skinned person. If I’m being honest, I think this extra step in their marketing does more harm than good and is really unnecessary. I just grab what I like 🙂

A rather messy swatch
A rather messy swatch

The colour tends to stay present and is a little like a stain. Even after the moisturizing shea fades away the colour stays put for another hour or so. I find that I get a few hours wear out of the lip butter, similar to the Revlon lip butters and better than the Pacifica ones (which I still like). One thing that I enjoy about the Almay lip butters over the Revlon ones is that they don’t contain sparkles or glitter. I really dislike the texture of glitter on my lips.

On the lips. My lips but better!
On the lips. My lips but better!

All in all, a good buy for less than $10! I will definitely be buying more!



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