Yay or Nay Sunday – Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer

It’s prime-time on Yay or Nay this week! We are looking at the Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer. What do we think??

There are things that I look for in a primer. I have very red lids, therefore I love a colour-correcting primer that will neutralize my lids.  Little back story alert! When I got married (in 2008) I was not really into makeup and I didn’t even know what contouring was, let alone primer! A friend’s girlfriend at the time worked for Visage (a small salon in the mall where they sale Caryl Baker cosmetics), and she decided to do my makeup for the wedding and bought me, as a wedding gift, all the makeup that she was going to use on me the day of. She ended up getting me one product that I used for the longest time, the Caryl Baker Shadow Magnet. SHADOW MAGNET - NaturalI had no idea that it was a primer for eyeshadow but I used it because it would make the colour of my eyeshadow just pop! What I didn’t like was that it was creasing my eyeshadow. I had no idea what a primer was and I just thought it was meant to make my shadow last longuer (especially with the name…). Now that I am older and wiser and know what makeup is (lol), I know what is wrong with this product and what I loved about it. I loved that it neutralized my lids, made the colour pop and felt great on my lids. I hated that it creased and I now know that it is because it is an oily formula. Seeing how the only part of my face that is not dry are my eyelids, adding an oily product spells disaster and creasy-ness! lol

Now that I have done a review within a review, I promise it has a point, I will move on the item of the day. I started learning more and more about primers and their uses. Lots of primers out there are clear and only improve the longevity of the eyeshadow. And as we just read above with the Carol Baker, I liked something that neutralized my lids, so I want one with more coverage. I now know that the reason it was doing a great job at making the colour pop is just for that reason, the shadow didn’t have to fight against the red lids, it had a blank slate to do its magic.

I was on the search for a primer that would do all that I loved from the Carol Baker and not what I hated. Many of the primers are expensive and then I saw this one from Kat Von D..  well, queue the angel bells! For $18, the Kat Von D is cheaper than most other high end brands (benefit Stay don’t stray @ $30, NARS smudge proof eyeshadow base @ $29, etc.) and it does magic.

I was saving this product on days where I wanted to do a bolder look and then I quickly realized, why? There is so much in this tube and all you need a small dab, it will last me a LOOOONG time. As you can see from the pictures below, it neu-tra-li-zes! It is a little on the yellow side, but once you apply shadow, it doesn’t show. I can get passed that.

It helps the pigmentation of ANY shadow, and OMG used with the Kat Von D eyeshadows which are already SOOOO pigmented, you only need a tiny bit of shadow and bam, mega pigment. It is not too sticky that it doesn’t allow for blending (some do that…) and it helps the colours pop pop pop. My eyeshadow has not creased once while using this primer and it lasts all day.

I cannot say how much move I love this primer, it is my favourite so far and it is a 100% Yay. 


If you are like me and need to neutralize your lids and some oily-ness and you don’t like silicone feeling primers, this one is for you. However, it may not be your best option if you aren’t looking for a colour-correcting option since I consider the Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer to be full coverage (sounds funny I know, but you can see in the picture just how much it covers!) If you aren’t looking for colour-correcting, there are other ones that you may like best but in my opinion, I would still get this one because it makes the colours of your eyeshadow pop compared to the clear ones that only give longevity to the shadow. The Kat Von D one does everything 🙂

I am going to end my extremely long ramble! Let me know which eyeshadow primers you like and why in the comments below!


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