Missy’s January Favorites! Pregnancy Skin Care Edition

Before giving birth to my little one I treated myself to a facial and I was surprised by the great feedback I got. Usually estheticians find something wrong with your skin so they can sell you the spa’s product line. So you can imagine my suprise (and possibly hers) when she really only had compliments. So this January Favorites is going to focus mostly on skin care products that I’ve been using throughout my pregnancy that kept my skin, and I quote the esthetician “moisturized and clear”
First off, Kirkland Signature Towelettes (a lazy girls’ best friend). I have been using towelettes of all kinds for my skin care routine for a while now. Mostly because I am incapable of washing my face in a normal sink without creating a sizable puddle on the ground and soaking everything around me. My biggest hate with towelettes were how expensive they were. But then I became a Costco member and BEHOLD: bulk beauty! These wipes are hypoallergenic, gentle enough to use around your eyes and sorta take off eye make up (I still have to use make up remover for liner and mascara but they are effective at getting rid of eyeshadow.)


Next on the line we have Thayer Alcohol-Free Toner in Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Formula. You can find this little gem at Kardish and other natural food stores. I try to use this stuff after I get out of the shower and my face is freshly scrubbed. It has a gentle floral scent and is great at taking redness away from my skin. I have to say that I don’t have very much experience with toners but I would recommend giving this one a whirl.
Andalou Meyer Lemon Creamy Cleanser also gets props this month for it’s fresh scent and gentle cleaning properties. It is part of Andalou’s Skin Brightening line. It reminds me of spectro gel except it will gently foam on a clean face (that’s how I can tell if I’ve actually gotten the grime off my face for the day in the shower). If you’re not ready to commit to a full bottle of the stuff I recommend the ‘Get Started’ Skin Brightening Kit.
meyer_lemon_creamy_cleanser-_pair getstarted-brightening-rf_2
I’m recommending that you buy this kit because I also absolutely love this line’s moisturizers. Usually I find organic moistuizers super heavy and/or greasy. Both the daytime and the nightime moisturizers of this line are light and sink into my skin well. The day solution is great under primer and makeup and the light fresh lemon scent is just happy. Also, according to the esthetician, these lovely moisturizers didn’t clog my pores yet left my skin moisturized and healthy.
probiotic-_-c-renewal-cream-uc purple-carrot-_-c-luminous-night-cream-uc
And finally, where would a skin care routine be without a mask? Adalou’s Avo-Cocoa Skin Food Mask is the perfect thing for a chocoholic. It LITERALLY smells good enough to eat – it’s like spreading your face with a tub of icing. It’s from their Age Defying line so I like that it’s moisturizing as well as clarifying – and did i mention that it smells and feels like chocolate ganache icing???? Honestly even if this mask didn’t do anything I’d still put it on just for its aromatherapy benefits.
So thanks to a facial at my local spa I’ve really come to appreciate the pregnancy-friendly skin care routine I’ve been on for the last 10 months. While I’m looking forward to trying out new skin care products in 2015 I think these products will stay in my favorites for a while!

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