Sheena’s January 2015 Favourites

My January loves <3
My January loves ❤

It’s that time! The end of January is here and I have way more beauty love to offer than I did in December! Funny how that works out. January most of us are spending less and paying off the Holidays but yet… somehow I’ve managed to buy more makeup in the month of January than December.

Bareminerals all over face powder (in colour “Elation”)


Nat surprised me with this! She had ordered some things from Sephora on my behalf and stuck this in my box of goodies! I was sooooo excited! I haven’t tried enough BareMinerals. Everything about that company is so me! At first I didn’t really know what to do with it because it’s described as an all over face powder but it’s rosey pink. But I thought to myself “it looks like a blush so I should use it like a blush.” And use it as a blush I did! For ALL of January! It’s amazing quality. Comparable to Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes for sure! It blends so smoothly, last ALL day long and looks so natural. The colour “Elation” is very wearable for everyday. I wear it to work almost daily.

Marc Jacobs Skyliner Eyeliner in Blacquer

This is the full sized version. I currently have the trial size.

I got the Marc Jacobs eyeliner in black in my Sephora Draw the Line Kit. I wrote a little bit about that in a post about my Christmas Giftset buys here. When I got that kit I wanted it mainly for the Urban Decay Perversion and a few others. The Marc Jacob Eyeliner was an after thought. I have to confess… I like this more than the Urban Decay 24/7 Perversion. I’m well aware that Urban Decay is the staple liner for your tight line however on me it smudges, it’s messy and it ends up underneath my eyes at the end of the day. For a long time this was happening and I blamed my mascara, turns out when I tried the Marc Jacobs liner I no longer had any of these issues. If you’re like me and have very watery eyes go try the Marc Jacobs liner.

Pacifica Sea Foam Complete Face Wash
2015-01-01 11.23.20

I wrote a $10 Weekly about the Pacifica Sea Foam Complete Face Wash and I’m still loving it! I use it daily and no break outs, no extra dryness. It doesn’t strip my skin but it removes makeup very well. It leaves my skin feeling soft, nourished and clean! I also quite enjoy the mild scent of coconuts 🙂 This is not an eye makeup remover so you still need an eye makeup removing product. I’m in the market for a cruelty-free and gentle eye makeup remover – suggestions are welcome!

Flower Cosmetics Shadow Play Palette

2015-01-24 16.36.01

I feel kind of bad mentioning this one since it’s from a Christmas set that you can no longer get but Flower Cosmetics has several fair priced quads available at Walmart with similar colour schemes as this palette so I went with it. I love these shadows, especially for the price! I’d go so far as to say that based on what I’ve tried, they are more consistent than NYX. All the shadows in this palette are smooth & buttery, pigmented and for the most part extremely wearable. The only thing that I find this palette lacking is a matte highlight. I threw it in my travel bag in early January and for the rest of the month have found myself reaching for it for my every day eye look. It’s displaced some of my all time favourite trios! There is this gorgeous dusty rose colour that is similar to Bobbi Brown`s Rose Gold shade. It’s a touch deeper and cooler than Bobbie Brown Rose Gold so I really like it. I am looking forward to purchasing more products from Flower Cosmetics but sadly it has to wait a few months since I’m working on reviews of other brands.

Flower cosmetics unnamed rose colour is on my right (the slightly deeper hue) and the Bobbi Brown Rose Gold is on my left (the slightly lighter shade)
Flower cosmetics unnamed rose colour is on my right (the slightly deeper hue) and the Bobbi Brown Rose Gold is on my left (the slightly lighter shade)

Well that’s all from me this month! Hope you don’t mind that so many of my monthly loves are coming from gift sets.




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