The $10 Weekly – Pacifica Sea Foam Complete Face Wash

2015-01-01 11.23.20
Pacifica Sea Foam Complete Face Wash

I am so excited about this find! Everyone needs a good face cleanser but in my experience, good ones can be pricey. I go through so much cleanser and I don’t always have $25 on hand to get a new one. I’m also allergic to common ingredients in cleansers and face washes. I have never been able to use Aveno products. Lately I found the Pur Minerals Simplicity Cleanser and LOVED it but the price sometimes hurts. It’s $22. Last week I was at Kardish looking for some Andalou products and I spotted this beautiful gem for $9.99. That’s right. An allergen free, no frills cleanser for less than $10!

I love it! It has a vague scent of coconuts. The main ingredient in it is water. The Pacifica cleanser uses oils to help clean the skin and so when I wash it away my skin doesn’t feel stripped. I have not had a break out at all after using this. I also have noticed that it doesn’t seem to aggravate my sensitive or dry skin. I consider that a huge win since I react so easily to products.

My only negative comment is that if I get it in my eyes it stings a little more than the Pur Minerals one did. Not a big deal though, you aren’t supposed to use it as an eye makeup remover anyway 🙂

This is a quicky post this week. I think I found my new holy grail cleanser and it’s less than $10.


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