Julep Orbital Eyeshadow – Review

Julep Orbital Shadows
Julep Orbital Shadows

When Julep announced their new Orbital Eyeshadows I drooled over them for like a month! They look gorgeous in the packaging and in the pan! I love the look of baked shadows.

2015-01-01 11.40.57
Orbital Earthshine
2015-01-01 11.41.18
Orbital Equinox

I found that they swatched lightly but built up well. That was Julep’s intention so this was not a surprise to me. They behaved exactly as I expected them too.

2015-01-01 11.41.57
Swatched – 1 pass (Earthshine is the brown, Equinox is the mauve)
2015-01-01 11.42.14
Swatched Р2 passes (Earthshine is the brown, Equinox is the mauve)

I wore a 1 shadow look with each of the two shades. The Equinox shadow appeared more blue on the lid than mauve. I was a little disappointed in the colour because it doesn’t look all that great on me but I did love the look! I think you could really do a great Mila Kunis style smokey eye with this shade!

Me wearing the Equinox shade


The Earthshine colour looked very dark on me. For myself, an all dark eye look isn’t my favourite. It’s one of those funny things where I think it looks great on others but to me it makes my eyes look small. Weird I know. But I feel that way and for that reason I didn’t care for the look I was able to create with the Earthshine shade. After a day of wear with primer it creased on me as well. I found that odd since the Equinox shadow did not do that at all. I have a hunch something weird was happening that day and it was just a coincidence but I figured I should mention it anyway.

Overall my impression is that the Orbital Shadows by Julep work as they advertise. I personally don’t wet my shadows because I’m lazy but Julep claims you can use the Orbital shadows wet OR dry. And that is true. I’ve had other companies make the same claim and when I went to use their shadows dry they are chalky and hardly pigmented at all. The texture of the Orbital shadows is smooth and silky. The pigmentation when dry is good and buildable (but not great pigmentation, you will need to build it out). The colours themselves are gorgeous in the pan but for my own personal taste reasons they didn’t quite work out for me. I think I’m going to buy one more in a lighter more Sheena-like shade to give it one last try! I would recommend these shadows to someone who wants to do a one colour smokey eye or the gal who just loves shadows. They are pretty good! And as always with Julep, wait for it to go on sale!!


PS I always use a primer. I didn’t even bother trying them without an eyeshadow primer.

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