Travel Kit Reviews: The Buxom Dolly’s High Roller Collection Palette

When I saw that this beauty went on sale on Sephora before Christmas I knew I had to snag it before the woeful red ‘out of stock’ came up beside the name. $53 was the regular Canadian retail value so when it dropped to $37 I knew I had to snatch it up!

Not only is the packaging gorgeous and glam (I mean black and gold casino theme – super hard to go wrong) the colours inside the palette look amazing! All those pinks and mauves make me think of Urban Decay’s Naked 3 gorgeous color scheme. And because it has NINE pieces it certainly was looking to be a contender to be my Travel Kit Holy Grail.
Unfortunately my search is not over. While it is a pretty palette, it’s size makes it too silly to carry in your purse. It has the length and width of a Kleenex box and the height of a paper back novel. I wouldn’t even risk taking it in my luggage without putting it in a ziploc bag since it only has a fairly flimsy magnetic closure.

Another issue I have with this palette is that it contains no brushes or mascara. Again, this isn’t strictly necessary for a travel kit to be successful in my eyes, but it just makes sense to throw them in (especially when the original retail is over $50!)
But let’s switch gears now and talk about the good things for this palette. First off the colours are beautiful and everything works together. I really must applaud Buxom again for their planning.

This set contains:
Hold the Line™ waterproof eyeliner in Call Me (matte black)
Eye shadows in Cha-Ching (gilt patina), Strip Poker (lilac haze), Chocolate Diamonds (bronze chocolate), Royal Flush (powder pink)
Double-ended Full-On™ lip polish and cream in Dolly (sultry mauve/shimmering sultry mauve) –
Dolly blush (sultry mauve)
Bankroll luminizer (champagne sheen)
Hot Escapes™ bronzer in Tahiti (golden tan)

However another issue I found was that these colours were not made for long wear – One swipe with a tissue did THIS much damage to the swatches:

Even the black liner got a faded instead of smudgey!
I also found that the bronzer is more of a luminizer. Even with my fair skin, it’s just too light and bright! Although your can create a pretty look by mixing the matte blush with this shimmery bronzer.
face2 face1
All in all this palette was a disappointment. It’s certainly fun to play with on the weekend but I’d never rely on it for a big night out or as my sole look for a vacation.

Let the search for my Travel Kit continue!

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