Murale Optimum Points Haul! $300 of Free Stuff? What?!

Murale Haul Alert!!! 

Last week I posted my Where to Shop – Shoppers Drug Mart guide on the Shoppers Optimum Rewards Program. You can go read all about it because this haul is me redeeming my points.

Sheena and I set out to redeem our point on a weekend where they had redeem your points, get more money for them event! Sheena redeemed 95,000 points for a $200 value (normally $170) for a super awesome WiiU.  I decided to head to Murale and redeem 130,000 points for $300 (normally $210). It was so fun to pick out items for $300 and all I had to pay was the tax. So exciting!!! Below is what I picked up.

My haul included:

  • Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Sandstone
  • Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Gunmetal
  • Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Blonde
  • NARS Audacious lipstick in Liv
  • Bioderma duo of the H2O cleanser for sensitive skin
  • Chanel Multi-Effect Quadra Eyshadow in 234 Poésie
  • Chanel Multi-Effect Quadra Eyshadow in 208 Tissé Gabrielle

For free stuff, I received:

  • Free deluxe sample of the L’Occitane hand cream
  • Free deluxe sample of Smashbox 24h eyeshadow primer
  • Free mini Calvin Klein purse

Bioderma duo of the H2O cleanser for sensitive skin

They had this wonderful duo for $32.95. Normally a 500ml bottle is $29.95 alone! Check out my December 2014 favourites for more on this product.

Chanel Multi-Effect Quadra Eyshadow in 208 Tissé Gabrielle and in 234 Poésie

This is for sure a splurge item. I would never purchase these at $62 a piece, so this was the time to lather myself in luxurious eyeshadows and my first Chanel products. Sheena and I were drooling over these in the store!! Unfortunately a lof of the colours were out of stock but I am still happy with the quads I picked!

NARS Audicious Lipstick in Liv

Super Vampy lip!! I hadn’t intended to purchase one of these because of the ridiculous price of $37; but for free? Hell’s yah. Since I already own a nude colour of this line and I don’t  have anything of this kind of colour in my collection, I decided to go with the super vampy lip, Liv. ❤

Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Blonde and Gunmetal

I picked up two more Bobbi Brown Shadows to fill up a quad palette that I bought in NYC. I needed a neutral matte transition colour and a nice grey since I don’t have any of those shades!

 Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Sandstone 

The last time I redeemed my points, I go the Shimmer Brick in Nectar and I love it. So I wanted another one that was more gold/champagne colour since the Nectar one is peachy/pink.


7 thoughts on “Murale Optimum Points Haul! $300 of Free Stuff? What?!

    1. You sure can!!!!! 😀
      you can also gain points there. For example, this weekend get 18,500 points when you spend $125. Personally I prefer doing these at Shoppers since its over $75, but if you’re gonna go to Murale anyway…
      I have a feeling someone will be doing some redeeming at Murale 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I just redeemed 120 000 points recently at SDM because they have Urban Decay and I wanted some Naked palettes! But yes you def get more points at Shopper’s! I signed up to get Murale promo emails so I def will keep them in mind next time I redeem!!!


      2. Only two of the Beauty Boutiques do. But that was enough to lure me in. But if I don’t want any UD products than I’m going to check out Murale because they have soooo many brands too!!


      3. That would be enough for me too (and I am sure for Missy and Sheena too, they love UD)… and it would help to rack up the points on those special spend xx and get a bunch of points!
        Yah, next time I redeem at Murale, I am heading straight for NARS, mama wants some more Audacious lipsticks!!

        Liked by 1 person

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