By Request – My Skin Care Routine

A quick at-a-glance of my current skin care routine.


My skin has it’s challenges. I have mild rosacea, dryness and hyper-sensitivity to perfumes, SPF, alcohol, sulfates and so on. Every so often I try a product and it just burns my face and eyes. That’s why I’m very careful about what I put on my face. It can really hurt. I know I have sensitivities to what are considered common irritants but I also have other things that make my skin react which I haven’t been able to isolate. With that in mind, here’s my skin care routine:

NiveaStep 1 – I always remove my eye makeup first to prevent it running in to my eyes when I wash my face. Right now I’m using Nivea Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover. It doesn’t burn my eyes and removes 95% of my makeup. There is always a little left over which I end up washing off when I wash my face. This product is about $6.99-$9.99 depending on where you buy it. You can pretty much get this anywhere.


sugar lip polishStep 2 – One mustn’t ignore their lips! My kissers have a tendency to get dry, especially during the winter so I use a lip scrub. Currently I’m on to Fresh Sugar Lip Polish. I do this before I wash my face because I tend to get the oil from the polish all over my chin. I like to wash my face after the lip polish so I can clean away any residual oil that I don’t want and thus avoid pimples. I was given this from Nat. It can be purchased at Sephora for $26. To be fair, I’m pretty sure you can find comparable products at The Body Shop or Lush for less. Missy had posted a few alternatives on her recent post regarding removing wine stains from lips, here.



Step 3 – Time to wash the rest of the face and wash away any residual eye makeup and lip polish! I use a facecloth and warm water to really open up my pores. My cleanser of choice at the moment is still the Pur Minerals Simplicity Cleanser. I like it because it lathers which gives me a sense that I’m cleaning my whole face. If I do get some in my eyes it tends not to hurt. And I’m not allergic to it! I react badly to most cleansers that foam because they use sulfates as the foaming agent. This one doesn’t so it’s perfect for me 🙂 It retails for about $22 at Shoppers Drugmart or directly off of Pur  Minerals website.


45075084b47f88825666b41195b636a7_ra,w403,h403_pa,w403,h403Step 4 – After I gently pat my face dry to absorb excess water, I then reach for my toner. I use Andalou Natural’s 1000 Roses Floral Toner. It’s in a spray bottle so I just spritz it on my face! It’s easy and made for sensitive skin like mine. I pick this up a Kardish or Terra20 and can usually catch a sale. It also is available on for $16.99. I’ve ordered from before and recommend them to anyone. I might even write a where to shop post about it some time…


4fa8b3dda7bc0ebdc560407080f8bb90_ra,w403,h403_pa,w403,h403Step 5 – Spot treat the troubled places on my face with Morroccan Oil from Andalou Naturals. I’ve had a lot of success with this and I believe that it’s made a difference. I put oil where my face habitually gets dry, red and irritated. I get a lot of redness and tightness on my forehead and over my eyebrows. I noticed a huge reduction in redness over my eyebrows since I’ve been specifically treating them. I also had discoloration on my forehead by my hair line and since I started treating it, it’s almost gone. The only place that I haven’t seen improvement is on my cheeks where the rosacea is. I’m considering picking up rose water or rose oil since it’s supposed to help rosacea. I also apply oil as needed to places on my face where I have excessive dryness and visible skin flaking. It pretty much clears that up. Once again, I picked this up at Kardish, Terra20 and It cost around $23.99.


a822bae75f224169f83a7d1305c047b0_ra,w403,h403_pa,w403,h403Step 6 – While my morroccan oil is being absorbed on the rest of my face I apply my eye cream. I use Andalou Natural’s Luminous Eye Serum. I pat it in around my under eye and around my crow’s feet. It doesn’t take long and is cool and refreshing.This is available at Kardish, Terra20 or for $21.


s1635283-main-hero-300Step 7 – Now it’s finally time for my moisturizer! Currently I’m using Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream by Fresh. I’d recommend pretty much anything by Andalou Naturals as well. I find that since I’ve spot treated my face I only need to use a little moisturizer. I like the smell of the Lotus Youth Preserve and it has a gorgeous texture. It absorbs rapidly in to my skin as well. I bought a small jar from Sephora for $19.


You will notice that sunscreen is missing from my skin care routine. That’s because I’m having a hard time finding a moisturizer that contains SPF that I can put near my eyes. If I get SPF near my eyes it can burn and cause them to water. I use mineral foundation which has natural SPF properties in it, which helps offset the sun a little. In the summer I tough it out and wear full SPF under my makeup after I do my skin care routine. In the winter the SPF in my foundation does the job so long as I’m not outside a lot.

So there it is, my current skincare routine. It has many steps but over all it takes me about 10 minutes to wash my face and treat my troubled spots.


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