The $10 Weekly – Pacifica California Star Jasmine Perfume Roller Ball


I bought a new purse and in the process of transferring over my purse things I found my Pacifica Rollerball Perfume. Mine is in the scent “California Star Jasmine.” Can a $10 perfume perform?

Well I think that The Body Shop Perfume’s are great and they are about $22 for a full bottle so I do think it’s possible that a $10 perfume such as this can be a great smelling long lasting perfume.

The Scent: I have to confess that I prefer the scent of The Body Shop’s Jasmine perfume over this one. That’s not to say that this scent is bad. I do like it and I do use it! It’s just not as nice as The Body Shop. It has a bit of a perfumey aroma to it (if that makes sense) so I don’t put loads on at once. It’s a very singular note floral scent and I’m good with that! I love to layer perfumes to make a more unique scent for myself. I often wear it with a body spray.

Long Lasting: I notice that after a few hours the smell is no longer very potent. Missy had made a similar comment to me about the Pacifica perfumes.

Over All: Although I wouldn’t use this as my daily perfume, I keep it in my purse and use it for touch ups during the day. Those moments when I need a quick freshen up. I find myself using it regularly in that context and for that reason I think it’s a pretty good buy! There aren’t a lot of $10 roller ball perfumes that smell nice in my opinion. So if you’re looking for a perfume to toss in your purse on the go, I recommend checking out these guys! If your aim is to get your “scent” on a budget I highly recommend going to The Body Shop. I find their perfume lasts longer and is still affordable.


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