My New Year Beauty Resolution

Happy New Year everyone! Now is the time for a new year’s resolution and while everyone is making resolutions to loose weight (me too, but that is not what this post is about) I want to make one about my beauty world.

2014 was a makeup/beauty discovery year. I started to get into beauty in February when Missy brought Sheena and I to do a Sephora haul. And there it began, my obsession. Throughout the year, I accumulated more products than I thought. I guess when you are looking for your holy grail items, you need to try a bunch of items.

I have been having tons of fun this year shopping with Sheena and Missy, researching best brands and watching a bunch of YouTube vloggers. I am finding what I love and keep adventuring into different items/brands. I am starting to find what brands I love, where I can get the best value for my Canadian (hehe) dollar, what kind of looks I like to create and what items I need to keep exploring.

I have also discovered the world of monthly subscription and the addicting high that you get when a new box arrives at your door. I really wish I had discovered this world in my early 20s! I could of had lots of time to try out different things.

However, now my husband and I want to move ahead with our lives and start a family, to do that, we need to get over the school loan that is looming over our heads. So for the first half of 2015, spending will be at a low and so will my subs and makeup purchases. I know that will be hard, but I have already cancelled Topbox, Birchbox and skipping Wantable. The only sub I really want to keep is Julep. I cannot break up with Julep, they are great, free shipping to Canada, they always have sales and they are branching out to more and more makeup and I am happy to try them out in my monthly box. I gotta keep at least one sub, I need something at my door! LOL

After that long explanation, my new year beauty resolution is to go through all the items that I own and try them all out. You will see in my Sunday Yay or Nay posts that I will be reviewing the items that I am trying. My intention is to try an item for a week or two and then review in the Sunday Yay or Nay. I want to go through my collection, and really dig and try the many many samples that I have, the single items from different brands and keep and give/sale the items that I won’t be using. It will be a nice cleanup and adventure!

As I go, I also want to depot single eyeshadows, organize my collection into a second 5-drawer Alex Ikea unit and take you on that journey with me. Maybe do a bit of a makeup graveyard as I go! I will try to make this fun for you guys and I hope you will appreciate it.

That being said, it doesn’t mean that I will not get or review new items, so if that what you are hoping for, I do still want to do some of that. Do not fret! 🙂

I hope that you will like going on this journey with me! Join me for 2015 as I live through my new year beauty resolution.

– Nat

3 thoughts on “My New Year Beauty Resolution

  1. Thanks for the nice comment. I am actually looking forward to it! It’s like rediscovering new products and new things without spending more money.

    That’s a good suggestion on doing the no-buy on a product! I think once it start doing the “inventory” of how much I have I can say, no BLUSH! or probably in my case, no highlighter!


  2. Shopping your collection can be really fun 🙂 and it has saved me lots of money. I’m on a no-buy but another option would be, for example, no more blush purchases in February. Whatever product you have a lot of options in. I think that’s how I’ll ease out of my no-buy. 🙂

    And doing a small project pan can give you an idea of how much product you can actually use in a few months, and it’s fun.

    Hope this helps and good luck with saving and family things! 🙂

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