Yay or Nay Sunday – Special Edition – Review on the Benefit Advent Calendar 2014

If you have been following us during the month of December, you probably noticed a special page for the daily opening of the Benefit Advent Calendar (you can check out the series here).

Benefit Cosmetics - Advent CalendarHere is my review.. I am leaning towards the NAY side. And I am sad about that. I had high hopes for this as I love advent calendars, it was a very thoughtful gift from my husband and well, the high price of $119 doesn’t help.

For the price, I just think that it was not worth it.

  • Out of 24 boxes, 6 of them were not even makeup products. They where little cheesy items such as a super small note pad, hair ties, etc. I find this really really cheap. I could get some little dinky things at the dollar store or even something you would expect out of a Kinder Surprise… This may sound harsh, but for $119, I expect all makeup products in there. Its not like benefit doesn’t have enough products to sample. (click here if you want to see each item that was included).
  • Everything makeup product in the calendar was a deluxe sample of the products, many of which I have gotten for free with Sephora orders, low-cost subscriptions, etc.  This calendar is not the cheapest way to try their products.
  • The variety of the product was disappointing. 3 tints, 2 mascaras, 2 creams, 3 lip glosses…
  • I did enjoy some of the samples, like the bad gal lash, the that gal face primer, the it’s potent eye cream and the total moisture facial cream. However, some I didn’t, like the tints for example.

All in all, the calendar was fun, but I was left disappointed. It was not worth the $119, not one bit. I am glad, at least, that my husband got it on sale, or else I would feel terrible!

I hope that next year there is a better version of this however, I probably will not purchase it.

Did you get this item for December? If so, what did you think?? Leave a comment down below and give me your thoughts! I am curious to know if everyone thought the same thing as I did…


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