Yummy Mummy Picks- (Great Cosmetics that are Worth the Splurge Because they Work!) – Nail Appliques!

Hello all,

For the New Year I want to start a new segment for women/moms like me who don’t necessarily have the time to buy, try, wash off, and repeat when it comes to make-up. A ‘Yummy Mummy’ is a British term for an attractive, stylish mother. In my definition, however, a Yummy Mummy is a loving and dedicated mother who embodies a healthy lifestyle, while not losing a sense of the person she was before having kids. A Yummy Mummy laughs off spit-up down the back of her shirt and smashed Cheerios at the bottom of her purse. She holds onto her style and grace even with small children at home and in the most unglamorous times. A Yummy Mummy is not a high-maintenance mom. It does not mean weekly manicures, grocery shopping in stilettos, or nannies. It’s about putting the kids first, but taking care of herself and finding a balance in what can feel like chaos. Putting on a coat of mascara and lip gloss takes just a minute and makes us feel beautiful or “yummy.” A Yummy Mummy knows that adding a touch of glamour to everything: self, home, meals, and entertaining, makes life more fun and it’s a special way we can take care of ourselves and our families {Definition of Yummy Mummy taken from the Yummy Mummy Kitchen blog – http://www.yummymummykitchen.com/} Modern moms can be both a Mummy and Yummy, and it doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming. And that’s the point of this segment – spend your money and time on products that work (Yummy Mummies do NOT have time to ‘Faff’ about – I am going to LOVE slipping in the British terms!). The girls sometimes make fun of me for being such a brand fangirl (I’m dubious of dupes) but I can’t help it! Once I find a brand that delivers what it says, then they pretty much have to discontinue the item to get me to switch.

Now all that being said, I realize people will have different expectations/experiences when it comes to make-up products but I want to say that I stand by my recommendations because it usually means I’ve been buying them over and over again and I HATE wasting money.

So without further ado, the Yummy Mummy pick for January is: Sephora Nail Appliques.

formula x sephora collection

Both the Formula X and the Sephora Collection are great when you just don’t have time to wait for your nails to dry. These beauties are actually created with nail lacquer unlike some of the cheaper brands out there. They are easy-to-apply and can create a practically flawless manicure with zero dry-time that can last up to 14 days (I usually manage about 7-10 days – like a regular polish manicure). The package contains eighteen double-ended strips in different sizes. If it’s a really neat design sometimes I’ll keep the spares to cut and use on my ‘accent’ nail. Each ‘sticker’ includes a built-in base coat and top coat but I find it best to add your own clear top coat to keep them lasting longer and looking their best.

The only caveat with this product is that I find I need to soak my nails in acetone to properly remove them. However another bonus to this product is that it’s the perfect thing to wear if you, like me, have sometimes ruined your nails with Shellac or other unfortunate accidents and need something a little bit thicker than nail polish to cover up your nails.

The final awesome thing with this product is that the appliques are usually on sale! Which makes them comparable or cheaper than the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail stickers at Shoppers – which are also a great buy but I are pricey and don’t seem to last as long.

So if anyone’s looking for a way to squeeze a manicure when life gets hectic , I hope you benefit from this review!

my example



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