Nat’s December 2014 Favourites

Happy New Year!!! Well, soon. LOL

Christmas has come and gone (sadly 😦 ) December is one of my favourite months of the year and I hate to see it go. This month, has been a quiet month for too much trying on of new products so the ones I have outlined below I have loved and used all month long. I won’t bore you with too many candles this month (even though I could because there is a candle lit in my house every day and every evening after work!) But to start, I will mention only one and get it out of the way fast so you can get to other goodies 🙂

Yankee Candle: ’tis the season 

This candle is sadly all used up 😦 I love a pine smelling candle while my Christmas tree is up. I have an artificial tree since I like to make mine early and enjoy it for as long as possible. So adding a nice pine-smelling candle is a good way to bring that fresh comfortable feeling in the home during the Christmas season. ’tis the season alright 😉

It is hard to find some well-priced Yankee Candle in Canada and this one I did get when I was in NYC. However, if you look at the right places, you can find a select few at HomeSense, Marshalls and if you want to pay more, Target. If you can’t find this one, Bath and Body works has some great candles!

DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel – $26 at Sephora

I tried the sample of this through one of my orders at Sephora. The sample was a great size, I got at least 10 uses out of it. Thankfully, I have another sample and won’t need to buy a new bottle until it runs out. This curl gel has worked wonders on my hair! My hair is wavy but not super curly. This gel adds some curl (the spiral kind) and they last a lot longuer than anything else I have tried before. Love this gel and if you have curly hair, you will too. It doesn’t make my hair sticky or too thick like others I have tried and it doesn’t leave that gross white film like some gel/creams do the day after use.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O No Rinse Cleanser – full size bottle of 500ml $26.50 at Murale. There are smaller sizes too.

I got a sample size of this cleanser in my November Topbox and I fell in love. I am not huge into cleansing, exfoliating, toner, etc. and I am slowly getting into it and I am lazy at night and I want something quick and simple. This is perfect! Since it is a no-rinse cleanser, I can just use a cotton round, cleanse my face and VOILA! done. It removes my makeup very well and leaves my skin feeling nice. I have tried other ones where my skin feels dry after and I don’t like that. I struggle with dry skin already, so I don’t need a cleanser to make that worse. With this Bioderma one, I can cleanse my face and then apply my night-time moisturizer and my skin feels great. The only thing it doesn’t completely remove is when I wear waterproof eye makeup  but that doesn’t bother me. I have another product to help with that so I don’t see that as a down side.

Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows – $9.99 US each on MUG website

 I know these just came out in early December but since I have received them, I have been wearing these non-stop. As you can tell from my Yay or Nay Sunday back on Dec 21, I love these. I have even ordered more. I won’t go in too much other details since you can read all about my ravings here in the Yay or Nay, but I do have to say, you need these in your life!

Julep Nail Polish in Karissa

This is my favourite red. I did not have anything like that in my collection and I just adore it. It went on very smooth and easily on my nails, it did not even need a second coat. Love this.

image title

– Nat

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