December 2014 Wantable Makeup Box Unboxing

Sadly, this will be my last Wantable box for a while. You can read my upcoming New Years Beauty Resolution post coming on Jan 5 to learn more about why that is.

This month, I got some good swag. Unfortunately the most expensive item in the box was forgotten. So I emailed Wantable and within less than two hours I got a response and they are shipping me a replacement item. How fantastic is that. Wantable has a fantastic customer service.  The item that I was missing in my box was unfortunately the most expensive one, a Mica Beauty Pressed Highlighter at $45 US

SPELLBOUND Nail Lacquer Medallion – Liberty Republic ($14 US)

These polishes bind to the nail for a gel-like wear that lasts up to 2 weeks. Our revolutionary formula wears like a gel with the convenience of a polish.

So I LOVE nail polish and normally I put no to nail polish in my box choices. However, I knew that these were going around and I wanted to try Jordan Liberty’s nailpolish. Jordan Liberty is one of the makeup artist that works for Wantable and creates great YouTube videos. I wanted to see if the claims of the longevity of this nail polish is real. Can’t wait to try it! The colour looks beautiful and the one thing I don’t like about the packaging is that the white top feels like cheap plastic.

Suratt Beauty Lipslique Club Sept ($34 US)

An alternative to lipstick. Versatile and beautiful. Luscious texture, buildable colour. Sheer to medium finish.

As you can see this is very brown! I actually do not mind it since I do not have anything of that colour in my collection. It is a soft feeling consistency but a little too melty for me. The applicator is a twist on the bottom, sleek and sturdy. I like this one.

Lord & Berry Eyeshadow in Nude Rose ($22 US)

A silky and shimmering pressed eye shadow, perfect fro creating maximum colour effect. Easily blendable and buildable; either wear a sheer or smudge on extra pigment for a dramatic edgy finish.

Super butter soft shadow. It does go on sheer, but after two coats of it on the swatches below, it looks beautiful. I could be super nice on a nice neutral lid kinda day, eyebrow highlight or even a face highlight.

As a total, with the missing highlighter, the value of my box was $115 US! That’s amazing! Last month, I had a broken item and because they were out of stock, Wantable gave me a 15$ credit on my next box. That means that this month, I paid $35 instead of $50 and I got $115 value in my box. It’s a good one this month.

– Nat

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