Julep Photogenic Palette – A Review

This beauty took no time at all to reach my mail box!
This beauty took no time at all to reach my mail box!

About a month ago I caught a good sale at Julep and ordered the new Photogenic Palette. I was able to pick it up for $22.80 including shipping! I considered this a part of my holiday gift set purchases and briefly mentioned it in a post about the limited editions sets that I scooped up this year. You can find that post here. In that post I mentioned that this palette didn’t really do it for me. My position is basically this: for the price of $23 this palette is a good value BUT if I paid the full $54 that Julep notes as its full price I wouldn’t be happy. Pictures & swatches are below but first let me explain myself…

If I’m to pay $54 for a palette I expect a flawless eye shadow palette in terms of quality. BareMinerals palette’s tend to cost about $50 and they are amazing! The Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette is only a few dollars more at the price of $59. The Photogenic palette by Julep, although nice and highly pigmented, suffers from some serious fall out. Nat felt the fall out was containable but I felt it was messy. Yes you can tap out the brush but it kind of got every where and sometimes big hunks of product would fall out with it. I also had a hard time blending the colours properly to get the look that I wanted. My end look was more monochrome yet I used 4 colours. So If I judge this palette at its full price then I don’t think it’s all that great.

However, Julep has tons of amazing sales and if I am to judge this palette against other $25 palettes – such as palettes that I have purchased from the Quo brand – I find that it is worth it and good for its price range. I hope that makes sense. I expect a high-end, $50+ palette to be easy to use, blendable, buttery smooth and no fall out.

That being said if you are really in to the colours and don’t have a similar palette already, let me explain why for $22.80 it could be worth it for you!

  1. The pigmentation is great (see swatch below).
  2. You can build it up.
  3. The packaging is pretty and it makes a lovely gift.
  4. The brush is excellent and is worth $20 on its own!
  5. The colour of the shadows and the texture remind me a lot of Tarte. Fans of Tarte might actually really like this and at $22.80 it’s cheaper than most Tarte palettes!
  6. Building off of point 5 – it’s more pigmented than Tarte shadows tend to be so if you like Tarte’s style but don’t enjoy Tarte because you find them not pigmented enough you might like this.
  7. It’s a decent example of a mainly matte palette.
The palette. This photo was shot in natural light and is unaltered. The original picture on Julep looked lighter and some people felt that their expectations weren’t met because they anticipated different colours as result.
Swatches. Again in natural light and unaltered. The pigmentation is excellent!
The brush that is included in the palette. It’s double sided. One flat side and one blending side. I really enjoy Julep brushes and this is no exception.

Lastly, in my post about my Holiday Gift Sets I state that I didn’t think I would buy this palette again, even at $22.80. The reason for that isn’t the fallout. It’s basically that the palette didn’t “wow” me. I already own several Tarte palettes that look similar and since the quality isn’t better than Tarte (personally, I’d rather build up colour than deal with messy fall out) I don’t see myself reaching for it instead. Among my clutter of eye shadow palettes, this one just gets lost in the noise for me.

Did anyone else pick up this palette? If so, what did you think?


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