The $10 Weekly – Special Edition Part Deux


Another example of the odd finds at the dollar store!
Another example of the odd finds at the dollar store!

And here were are! Week 2 of 2 for ways that I save money on makeup. I really do hope this helps some people out. It’s a little tight in my household lately so I find being a little creative with my money makes me fell less… constrained (that’s a polite way to say broke! haha!) Anyway, here is my continuation of ways to save on beauty.


Do Your Research – Find out what the average full price of items are and keep an eye on the sales. After a while you can see patterns in the sales but you can also tell when a sale is really good! For example, those awesome Maybelline Color Tattoos? They retail here for around $11 and I commonly see them on sale for about $8.99 however they will dip as low as $5.99 so I wait until I see them at that price.

YouTube has what feels like an infinite amount of beauty video bloggers who will spend their money on the crap and tell you about it, saving you money that could have been spent on poor products.

 Let the Vloggers Do All the Hard Work – Watch videos, read blogs and in general find the consensus on what brands are inexpensive but good quality. I rely heavily on beauty bloggers advice and because of them I’m so happy with my Wet’n’Wild purchases. I would never have bothered with a $3 eye shadow trio before but now that I’m reading about it and watching all the videos I’ve learned that it doesn’t need to be expensive to be good, you just have to let someone else do all the trial and error if you’re on a budget 🙂 At the bottom of this post I will link/post a bunch of great resources if anyone is interested. Oh and I requested that Missy do a post on how to tell from swatching if makeup is good or not! I’m bad at that so I’m really looking forward to her explanation.


Free samples are an obvious way to try things.

Try It Before You Buy It – The obvious tip here is to get someone to give you a makeover. In my experience, when someone else does your make up it rarely works out for you when you do it yourself at home. Sephora will fill these little pots and give you some of the product to take home and play with so ALWAYS ask them to do so! It really helps. Another way that I “try before I buy” is if I’m really digging a look and am considering investing in to a high end product, I go for a dupe or a similar color range to test out first. I’ve done this a few times. Once I was on a hunt for my “no makeup, make up routine” and I bought a bunch of NYX, Rimmel and Maybelline shadows for cheap with the intent of finding the shades that work and repurchasing them in a high quality brand. I thought since I’d likely be using this look frequently that it’d be worth it to buy in a good high end brand. However once I got comfortable with my shades, I didn’t feel the need to buy it again in Bobbi Brown or some other high end brand. On the flip side, if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you may have noticed that I recently bought the bareminerals Matte palette. I’d been eyeing this beauty for a while but worried about the burgundy shades in there. I don’t often wear those colors and was concerned that it would bring out the redness that I have in my skin. It occurred to me that I have a burgundy/berry shade in my collection in a NYC palette so gave that a go! The shade worked and so I felt good about saving up for my lovely Pur Minerals Matte palette.

Here is an example of an Ipsy Glam Bag off of Ipsy's site.
Here is an example of an Ipsy Glam Bag off of Ipsy’s site.

Try a Subscription – If you can afford it, try out Ipsy or Topbox. They are both less than $15 a month including shipping and you get a ton of products to try out. Assuming trying beauty is your thing, this is a great option! Nat is super in to subscriptions because she is all about trying out new things. She writes a ton of reviews on it so pop on over to her stuff if you’re interested. You will get a good sense of what you can get. I personally had subscribed to Ipsy and Topbox for 3 months and enjoyed it. I stopped because I was doing Topbox, Ipsy, Wantable and Julep.. It got crazy! But it’s fun 🙂

And lastly but not least…

Goodies for Shannon!
This is a pile of goodies that didn’t work out for me but are still good quality. I passed them along to a new home. I get stuff like this from Missy and Nat all the time.

SHARE!! – Me and my gals all share our makeup. What doesn’t work for me often works for one of them. So we share the love 🙂 We talk about our good experiences, our bad and we each have a little trade pile to pass along makeup to each other that isn’t working out for ourselves. Coincidently, it’s also super fun to get together to chat about beauty with my friends over some tea.


Vloggers: Emilynoel83, Makeup Geek, Goss Makeup Artist (I watch lots of vloggers but these 3 tend to be very professional)

Tags on Youtube to look for: The $20 Challenge Tag, I Love Drugstore Tag, the Top 10 Under $10 Beauty Product Tag

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