Smashbox On The Rocks – Review

My little "haul"
My little “haul”

I was out with Nat during her Murale haul. I ended up spending my points on a Wii U for myself! However while I was at Murale I couldn’t help from picking up a few items. After swatching it recently in a store, my heart got set on grabbing the Smashbox On the Rocks Palette. It retails for $50. There was a deal at Murale that day which was if you purchase 2 Smashbox items you get a deluxe sample of their 24 hour eye shadow primer so I got the little mini On The Rocks brush set for $13! I also received a free L’Occtaine sample and scored a clearance bin GOSH palette for $8.99. All in all a great little haul!

The Smashbox On the Rocks Palette contains 28 highly pigmented and super buttery shadows. They are packaged in a hard case with a magnetic closure. The case is a bit, um.. puffy? It also has a large mirror if you are in to that kind of thing. There is a slip to protect the mirror with the names of the colours. The colours aren’t named on the packaging itself but fear not! They also exist on the little pamphlet that they provide with look ideas.

A look guide featuring a legend of the colours and 3 looks that you can try. They name the colours in the looks to make it super easy for you.
The protective plastic. It goes in the garbage!
Close up of the colours.

I’ve been testing out this palette for a few days and the quality I love and know from the Photo Op formula is present in the Smashbox On The Rocks Palette! I find the colours super pigmented and easy to work with. I’m not a makeup artist so sometimes a good palette puts me off because I find that it needs a lot of effort for me to achieve the look I’m going for. I have a hard time working with colour. It’s a little out of the box for me to have a poppy eye look. This palette is definitely intimidating! I think it’s perfect for someone like me though because the colours work really well together. I picked it up and could immediately make connections between the colours and find ones that would work well together. They all seem to carry similar tones throughout making it easy to match up the colours for a look. Another challenge that I personally have with coloured eye shadow is that when I try to transition between colours my colours mix together and look kind of muddy and not how I anticipated. I have not had this issue with this palette yet! For that reason, I would suggest to someone who wants to add colour but doesn’t know how to look at this palette. There is sooo many great options within it! They are easy to use and beautifully workable that a n00b like me can use it. BUT there is also a great selection of nudes! So it’s not a waste to buy it and only use the rich blues once in a while because you can easily get everyday looks with it. I know this because as I type this I’m wearing a nude look I created from this palette 🙂

I swatched a few of the especially pretty colours below:

I made a gorgeous look with the green and gold. It’s my new favourite every day look that contains colours! Not too bold for the office environment but not just nude 🙂
And another angle…
All at once now! Again, these are just a few.

Here’s what happened after I tried to WASH my hand with water:

This stuff is serious. I had to take makeup remover to my hand. Soap and water wouldn’t get it off.

I wanted to give a nod to the brushes as well. The set contains 3 brushes but 1 is double sided. You get a mini fan brush, a mini eye shadow blender brush, a smudger and a liner brush.

This little set was $13.
This little set was $13.

They are small but very useable and would make an excellent stocking stuffer! They would work really well in a travel set. I use the fan brush daily for highlight now. I think the small size lends itself well to a gentle highlight. I have used all of the brushes and they all are soft, pick up a lot of product and generally work well. I think for $13 they are a steal since it’s hard to get an inexpensive travel set that is also good quality.

Well that’s my summary and swatches! If you want to see looks let me know. I have some pictures but I was concerned about how long this post was getting. I can show what I did with the green and gold (it’s what I like to think of as a perfect gateway to colour look) and my nude look.




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