Ways to save – The $10 Weekly: Special Edition! Part 1

I like to watch a lot of vloggers. They do those cool $20 make up looks however many of them use coupons to achieve the $20 challenge. You can’t coupon in Canada the way that you can in the US. It’s just not the same here. But that doesn’t mean you can’t save! You just have to do it differently than many of the other US beauty bloggers. My budget is a little tight but I still manage to regularly buy beauty products for my column. I thought for this week that I’d talk about my own tips and tricks on how to save money on your beauty products in Canada.


Shoppers Drugmart, Sephora, Kardish, etc all have rewards programs for customers.

Take Advantage of Rewards Programs – Optimum points are my best friend! I could write a whole column about how I work the Shoppers Drugmart System to get me that fabulous $170 shopping spree! Get yourself an Optimum card, follow the flyer for special reward days and go! The beauty of Shoppers is you can also get groceries there so if you need a $50 minimum to get your 20x points you can supplement it by picking up some milk too! I do this and then I use my rewards for high-end make up that I’d normally never have the money to buy.

Dollar Store Find
I’ve found Revlon, Essie, OPI, Sally Hansen, L’Oreal, Maybelline, ELF and even Sephora brand products at Dollarama!

Shop the Dollar Store – I’ve posted my dollar store finds in the past. Dollarama carries Essie nail polish as well as OPI Nicole, and Revlon. They also have the occasionally beauty products from brand names there. I’ve bought ELF brushes and false eye lashes there. I’ve seen Almay eye shadow singles and Maybelline lip glosses as well. The only catch is that I find with dollar stores, you grab it when you see it because it might not come back!


NYX Clearance
The Rexall by my work has HUGE clearance sections of NYX products. This pleases me.

Find Clearance Bins – The Shoppers and the Rexall by my work both have good clearance sections. The ones by my house do not! Go hunt for the stores that are accessible to you and have clearance sections. I find that affluent areas tend to have more clearance on low-end products. Just an observation from where I live. I’ve managed to get lots of great stuff on clearance which usually means about 50% or more off! I found a lot of Essence, NYX, NYC, Gosh, and the usual drug store brands in clearance bins!


Nat was so pleased with her finds at Marshall’s that she kept sending me pics 🙂 I was jealous….

Check Out Those Discount Stores – You know them. You may or may not love them. Winners, Marshall’s, Home Sense… they all carry high end makeup and cosmetics. It’s usually last year’s stuff but that doesn’t bother me! A good deal is a good deal! Nat has found that the Marhsall’s near her house carries Stila on a regular basis. I frequently find E.L.F., Nails Inc, Beauty Blender, and Real Techniques at Winners. Not all of them are high-end but brands such as E.L.F. are hard to come by here in Canada so it’s nice to know where to hunt for them 🙂

Oh boy! This post has been a doozy! It’s soooo long that I broke it up in to two parts. Be sure to check back next week for part deux 🙂


Vloggers: Emilynoel83, Makeup Geek (I watch lots of vloggers but these 2 tend to be fairly objective and buy tons of products to dissect)

Tags on Youtube to look for: The $20 Challenge Tag, I Love Drugstore Tag, the Top 10 Under $10 Beauty Product Tag

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